What is Paradox Metaverse?

Wondering “What is Paradox Metaverse?”. Have you ever imagined having fun and meeting your loved ones around the world as well as earning money through it? Yes, it is possible because Paradox Metaverse has got everything you are looking for. Currently, Paradox Metaverse is offering a pre-launch of NOn-Fungible Tokens to fund this ambitious project. 

Metaverse technology is welcomed positively by players worldwide. This is because there are numerous play-to-earn games available in the market that causes hype in the Metaverse. The future of metaverse technology is claimed to be The Paradox Metaverse.

So, now let’s have a quick overview of the Paradox metaverse platform and how it will help you to earn money through play-to-earn games. 

The Paradox Metaverse is a Play-to-earn or P2E game which is the digital realm of a possibility connecting the world and its creation. It provides an interactive platform where players can achieve varying levels of rewards that will be credited in $PARA coins.

Isn’t it an exciting platform to play and earn money online? If yes, are you now curious to know more about the Paradox Metaverse platform and how you can earn money online? In this article, we are going to share the complete details related to the paradox metaverse. So, let’s know more about the Paradox Metaverse platform. 

What is Paradox Metaverse?

Paradox Metaverse is a futuristic open play-to-earn game platform built on Unreal Engine 5. Also, it is claimed to be the future of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Although the game is not yet released now, players can have an access to the game by this year only. 

Paradox Metaverse’s earn game platform is developed by Paradox Studios Ltd. The mission of the company is to promote freedom within games among players. And also benefits the players in both the virtual and real-world too. This platform provides an immersive and realistic 3D gaming experience to its players. 

What is Paradox Metaverse?

The interesting thing about The Paradox metaverse game is that it is a self-funded game and is already in the development process. Also, the game is pegged by the crypto economy which provides multiple sources of income available for its users. Unlike other cryptocurrency-based play-to-earn games, it has promised to utilize the initial token sale of NFTs for building up the following funds. 

Now, let’s go deeper and understand deeply more about the Paradox Meta platform. 

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What are $PARA and Paradoxians?

$PARA are native tokens or coins used in the Paradox and these coins can be earned by playing the Paradox metagame. Those who are game lovers and love to play games can use this platform to earn money and enjoy the virtual gaming world. The in-game characters of the Paradox Metaverse are known as Paradoxians. The platform includes seven characters that differ in traits and rarities. 

Paradox Metaverse Release Date

The paradox Metaverse play-to-earn meta game is expected to release by Q2 in late June 2022. Although the exact release date of the Paradox meta game is not still specified. But this platform is gaining a good response all over the world. 

What does the Paradox Metaverse Include? 

There are some important benefits provided by the Paradox Meta Game including: 

  1. The Paradox metaverse platform plays to earn game through which you can earn and utilize specific features by purchasing an NFT character. Also, you can rent out these characters and earn money through them. 
  2. $PARA or Paradox coins can be earned through the Paradox metaverse platform. 
  3. $ PARA coins can be used for generating or monetizing their gaming experience by completing tasks and missions or renting out and staking their NFTs.
  4. Paradox metaverse allows the users to trade items, characters, or land on OpenSea. 
  5. NFTs assets can be used later in the game for customizing characters and live eternally on the blockchain. 
  6. The Paradoxians are in-game characters and each of the characters has different rarities and traits.
  7. It lets the users stake in accessing exclusive content off-game and in-game options like missions, airdrops, etc. 

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Details About the Paradox Metaverse 

Here are some of the important facts that are related to the Paradox Meta platform: 

  1. The paradox Metaverse is expected to be released by Q2 in late June. 
  2. Also, the Central Exchange Listing is also expected to join Paradox metaverse in June.
  3. The minting process of the Paradox metaverse will take place in May. 
  4. Paradoxes are the in-game characters launched on the Ethereum chain. 
  5. There are generally seven types of Paradoxians available on the platform. 
  6. The Paradox Metaverse is expected to release on the Ethereum for Phase 1 character drop. 

How to Rent In the Paradox Metaverse

Paradox allows the renting feature to its users after the NFTs are launched. So, if you don’t currently have your own NFT can also earn it through renting feature while playing the game. Also, you will have an access to the in-game NFT assets and thus you can earn money through playing. Henceforth, you can enjoy the benefits of passive income without using NFTs themselves. 

How to Play and Earn in Paradox Metaverse 

The Paradox provides a lot of earning methods to play and earn at the same time. So, here’s how you can play and earn money in their Metaverse platform:

  1. Earning In-Game

Earning In-Game is play to earn game method in which all players across the world can take part and earn money through the unique NFT characters. These NFT characters are either rented or owned. Also, there are some missions in the game. So, you need to play these missions with your character and earn in the game. Also, you can use other assets like cars, land, etc. for earning money.

  1. Earning Offline 

You can also earn money through Paradox through the offline method. It can be done simply by renting out the character. You can rent out the unique characters to others and thus give access to them. This can be done for a flat cost and a certain percentage of income for using a unique character. Meanwhile, renters can earn money by renting out unique characters. On the other hand, the holder can earn money by utilizing the NFT despite not playing himself. 

Paradox Metaverse Marketplace 

The mission of the Paradox platform is to provide a full-fledged and independent ecosystem not relying on third parties. Also, it will help the players to enjoy decreased fees that could be back on the ecosystem rather than any unrelated third party. The paradox marketplace will include the following things:

  1. Official in-game token ($PARA)
  2. Custom car NFTs
  3. Character NFTs
  4. Land Plots

There are chances that these cool metaverse will include more in the recent future. Now, let’s see the seven Paradoxians.

What are the Seven Paradoxians?

Here is the list of the best 7 seven paradoxes that you should know:

  • Dexter the Ape: Main character and head of the Rascals gang
  • Billy: Kid still in his teen years
  • Cain: The architect
  • Darwin: The Black market merchant
  • Akiro: The Samurai robot
  • Paradox Police Department (PCPD): Responsible for keeping peace in Paradox city
  • Osiris: The Sorcerer.

This seems to be interesting and it makes the Paradox amazing. However, you still have to wait for a new metaverse project. 


On the whole, this post includes all the relevant information regarding Paradox play to earn games. So, if you are a crypto or metaverse lover, you should be aware of this platform. We hope that this post will clear all your doubts. It is an interesting play-to-earn game and it seems to be an interesting thing to release soon.

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