What is Oculus Quest 2 | How To Connect Them?

Oculus Quest 2 is one of the most advanced VR technology used in immersive VR gaming experiences. It is available on the Android platform. 6DOF motion tracking system is installed in the Oculus quest for advanced motion tracking with the use of cameras. It integrates Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processors with its technology to innovate a VR headset having 1832 * 1920 resolution refreshes with a rate of up to 90Hz. 

Why do you need Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest is a multiplayer game that provides a great immersive VR experience. Also, it provides users with the feature to sync the device with Oculus mobile app. With the help of the Oculus app, you can easily connect with the Oculus store, and sync the touch controllers to the headset.

A user can connect the Oculus device with a Wi-Fi connection but it requires an internet connection. Also, the Oculus allows you to play offline content making the usage simpler. All the purchases are done from the Oculus mobile app. 

How To Casting to Mobile 

What is Oculus Quest 2 | How To Connect Them

Oculus Quest facilitates you to connect to the browser or mobile phone. You can follow the following steps below to cast what you see in the VR headset to your phone device so everyone can see what are you seeing in the VR headset. 

Before casting to an android phone, you must clear that this features you only to connect the same Wi-FI connection as same on the headset. Additionally, it needs to pair up with the phone in advance of trying to casting through the app. 

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Here’s How to Connect the Oculus 2 to Mobile Browser

 You can easily connect the Oculus app on your phone to a VR headset. But before connecting the device, you must make sure that the Oculus app must be coupled with your VR handset, and both devices must be connected to the same network so that they can easily share data between the devices. For activating the casting feature, tap on the right-corner option which is visible with the headset’s logo and a small WI-FI signal attached to it. 

After this step, a screen is opened which gives you the option to select your headset to connect with. If it shows multiple headset options, it’s your choice to select what you need. Make sure that the VR headset is properly connected to the mobile. In the final step, Tap on the Start button at the bottom of the screen. 

Tip: Before tapping the Start button, make sure that the red indicator turns to a green indicator. 

Wait a few seconds after tapping the Start button and the process of creating a connection is completed. Finally, the Oculus Quest is connected to the VR headset. Now it’s ready to cast the audio and video experiences in the VR headset. It is displayed in video format so you can only be able to watch it like the video feed. 

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Start it on the Oculus 2 Device

Another best way to connect the phone with the oculus quest device is through Oculus quest.  Similar to the above scenarios, both your phone and Oculus Quest device must be paired up and connected to the Oculus app. If all the scenarios are done, simply put on your headset, and hand the phone to the person who wants to watch your experience and play and stay and cheer with you. 

In the right position of the menu bar, use the sharing options provided. There are other different options such as filming and taking sharing options. Tap on the Cast to open the cast menu. In the next step, you will get the list of all the devices that you have interacted with previously. Select the Oculus app and click on the start casting button to start the casting app on your paired phone. 

The second option, sharing through the Oculus Quest 2 device is a better way to let your family, kid, or friend watch what’s happening in the VR headset. 

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