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What is Metaverse? How It Works

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In recent times, technology has changed the whole world. With the adoption of the metaverse, there are possibilities of merging the virtual and physical worlds for consumers. Big tech giant Facebook changed its name to Meta. It has largely impacted the metaverse market, thereby other popular market leaders are investing in the development of metaverse products and services. 

Primarily, there are three types of extended reality technologies combining augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality. Pokemon Go is a very popular example of an augmented reality-based application. Virtual reality immersive ness can be experienced through virtual reality headsets like Meta’s Oculus. This headset has an immersive environment that completely immerses the users to interact with the virtual environment. 

So, now the question arises what is the metaverse and how does virtual reality revolutionize the metaverse world?

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the advanced digital world based on technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D realistic avatars, and more realistic virtual experiences. And It will change digital experiences in the future. It connects humans from all over the globe to connect for digital concerts, conferences, virtual trips, etc. It focuses on providing a realistic virtual experience to connect with friends, relatives, etc. 

Recently we are on the way to creating the next phase of the Internet. “Right now, we are on the cusp of the next internet,” said Matthew Ball, Managing Partner of Epyllion Industries in Feb 2021.

How does Metaverse technology work?

What is Metaverse? How it Works

Metaverse technology is a realistic virtual world based on advanced technologies such as Virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D hologram avatars, and a realistic virtual world. It will be the future of the Internet. It consists of many basic technologies such as:

  • The Internet: Metaverse implementation requires a decentralized network of computers available to the public. It should not be owned by any private organization or government. It doesn’t require any permission from any entity to use it. 
  • Open Programming language standard: metaverse technology is an advanced technology built on open programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, WebAssembly, WebXR, WebGPU, Shader language, etc. 
  • Open Media standard: A realistic Metaverse world requires open standard media such as text, audio, images, video, 3D items, 3D scenes and geometry, Pixar’s USD, and NVIDIA’s MDL. 
  • Extended Reality (XR) hardware: Metaverse world the extended reality hardware such as smart glasses, haptics, and Omni treadmills. 
  • Smart contract platform: Metaverse technologies require decentralized, transparent, censorship-resistant transactions based on blockchain technology. Popular Examples include Ethereum, Flow, Theta, and Bitcoin. It is the most important foundation of the metaverse and it should be publicly available.

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Rules of Metaverse Include the following:

There should only be one metaverse

The metaverse should be publicly available 

The metaverse should stay open usually

The metaverse technology should be hardware independent

The metaverse technology should integrate the internet and the network

The metaverse is immersive, and you can enter the virtual reality world through VR goggles. It has great applications in the markets from purchasing to enterprise. 

Primarily, the metaverse is now adopted by the world’s popular gaming platforms such as Sandbox, Valorent, etc. 

According to recent studies, 65% of the human population has engaged in watching Game TV shows, movies, and premiers on the gaming platform, and collaboration opportunities in a live concert.

Additionally, 69% of the human population has taken part in social activities such as socializing, assembling with new human beings, or visiting virtual platforms such as gaming environments. 

Role of Virtual Reality (VR) in Metaverse

Virtual reality is an amazing technology that lets users interact with the application virtually. It has a great advantage that lets the customers enter the metaverse, and thus perceived gaps in the digital and physical world. 

Virtual reality lets users visit schools and workplaces, watch concerts, and browse store shelves. Alternatively, the combination of both augmented reality and blended reality can beautify the physical world. 

There are some add-ons such as XR landscape-like haptic comments tools that allow the users to bridge the gap in relationships and thus sense the handshakes and hugs of our contacts anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, the virtual fixtures system allows the users to manually interact with digital gadgets.

Virtual reality has the potential for mass adoption in the future. However, some companies are pushing the usage of solutions nowadays. For instance, before the beta announcement, Horizon Workrooms has been already used by Meta for at least six months. 

Recently, Google partnered with Verizon to manufacturing hands-free virtual reality-based solutions for field workers. 

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