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What are The Rings on Apple Watch?

What are The Rings on Apple Watch?

We all remember the day when the first Apple Watch was released in 2015. Apple introduced their first colourful activity rings that made their Apple Watch so innovative and become the most popular Smartwatch for fitness tracking. 

While if you are an Apple user, and you are new in fitness or thinking of purchasing Apple Watch to track your fitness. This watch will be so helpful to you in understanding more about your fitness with activity rings if you wanted to know what these Activities rings are actually recording. 

What is Meant By Apple Watch Activity Rings?

So the activity rings are those you see when you open your Activity App on your Apple Watch. There are three rings, and each one measures a specific type of Activity. 

  • Move: The Red Ring at the outside of the circle represents how many active calories you have burned on that day. 
  • Exercise: So the Green Ring which is in the centre represents how many minutes of exercise you have done on that day. 
  • Stand: So the blue inner ring that shows how often you have stood and moved around during the day. 

The goal of each Apple Watch user is simply to close the three different coloured rings by the end of the day. After the day is over next day the rings are reset in position and ready to record your current day’s activity.


The moving target indicated that you are living an active life since all the tracks, the activity calories that you burn through the movement of any kind. All the remaining activity throughout all day is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. 


The main and key element of being and living a Healthy Life is to exercise. You should aim to achieve at least 30 min of exercise or Yoga to raise your heart rate each day. So your Apple Watch Exercise rings will help you to record your progress toward your target.


As you know Sitting too much in the same place or always sitting is not good for your health. So the way to close the Stand Ring is simple to get up and move around you for at least 1 hour, for 12 Different hours during the day. But if you are more passive in lifestyle or working at the desk all day. You need to get up and move around you regularly. 

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