Exclusive 5 Web 3 jobs That you Should Know in 2023

As If you follow the concept of the metaverse so you ever heard the Web 3? So I have listed 5 Web 3 jobs that you should know in 2023. 

As the Web 3 is the next big thing that is coming in the tech world, especially in the virtual world, or as we can say, the metaverse world, Web 3 can be used in a revolutionary way in the virtual world. Web 3 is one of the components of blockchain technology, and soon it will become an integral part of our lives. It is just a matter of time before we can see its benefits. And you are so lucky that you will read its benefits before it comes. 

As the Demand for People with the great skills required to get into the field will give you an unexpected rise of your exponentially in the coming few years. And you will also see the use of Web 3 in every technology that is connected with the Blockchain. 

As If you follow the concept of the metaverse so you ever heard the Web 3? So I have listed 5 Web 3 Jobs that you should know in 2023. 

So If you wanted to get more details in Web 3, and you wanted to get a job as a Web 3 Developer. So here are the 5 Web 3 jobs that you should know in 2023. But Before we get there Here you should know about Blockchain Technology.

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology. It uses the concept of decentralization and hashing to store digital assets. So it makes the digital assets distributed in real-time and so it increases transparency in the system.

In particular, Blockchain is a technology that stores digital assets in encrypted form. Instead of copies, these digital assets are distributed. So it allows full-time real access to the public and increases transparency in the system.

For instance, you can better understand this technology with this example. Suppose you have a Google Document and you want to share it with the public. When you share this document with a group of people, you also distribute the original document. Instead of copying and transferring the document to the public. So you share the document with a group of people. Now they can access the same copies of the document as before, and the changes are reflected in the same document you shared.

So you distribute the same copy of the document, which makes the process transparent. No one is locked out of making changes to the document. And if changes are made to the document, they are reflected everywhere in real time. Similarly, blockchain distributes copies of the digital assets and if changes are reflected in real-time, the process is transparent and trustable.

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5 Web 3 Jobs in 2023

In the mentioned points I have listed the best 5 Jobs in Web 3 that are coming in 2023. 

Blockchain Developer

A Blockchain Developer is a Developer who usually builds decentralized apps for various Blockchain platforms like Ethereum. Their Primary task is to work on designing and implementing all sorts of smart contracts with full functionality along with Developing a Decentralized governance system. To Become a full-time blockchain Developer you have a improve your understanding of cryptography and computer Science principles like Data Structures, Networking protocols, and algorithms. 

Blockchain Engineer

If you wanted to become a Blockchain Engineer so your primary work is to construct and decentralized the application or dApps, Blockchain Software Developers that utilizes all the protocols that are created by the Blockchain Core Developers. To get the Blockchain Engineer Job you need to get the skills like how to conventional Web Developers use the protocols and design their own frameworks which are established by the Core Web architect to build a Web Application. 

If I can say in simple words, so your work is you were known as a dApp Developer (Decentralized App) which builds decentralized apps using the existing tools by developing and deploying the smart controls on the Blockchain technology. 

To become a Blockchain Developer or Engineer, you should know about Solidity and Rust.

Web 3 UI/UX Designer

As the Design Rule for Blockchain Technology is basically based on the Products that are identical to those from all other products. So To make Blockchain Technology Understandable for those who don’t know anything related the Blockchain technology or whether we can say a non Technical person. So you need to adhere to the KISS Principle of blockchain technology.

The Kiss Stands for Keeping it Simple and making sure that your design and your work are very adaptable. So that the user can interact every time with a simple UI interface. Therefore, to make the user interface so compatible they need a Web 3 UI/UX Designer. So if you get the job you will work with programmers on how to broaden your Products to reach directly to the audience with a most adaptive interface. 

Community Managers

As many people believe that Community Managers are only responsible for replying to all the user messages or solving their issues in the Discord Server. Or just making Company Announcements, but this is not right. As the Community Manager of the NFT, DAO or Web 3 startups are responsible for fostering trust and collaboration of different project communities. A Community manager is just like the Project Leader, who established the pace, debunks project myths, gives the customer assistance, and represents their team projects to the customers. 

Community Manager is the only role that can be done by the Non-Technical Person in Web 3 Space. 

Marketing Expert

If suppose the company is building some products in high-value investment. So for marketing, most of the Web 3 Builders or companies are looking for Marketing experts to market their products. As Marketing experts help the company to spread their Projects worldwide with devised tactics to bring new clients for the Products and sell their projects to them. 

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The Effects of Web 3.0 on the Social Media Platforms

This year Meta Announced their first 3D Advertisement on the Web 3 platforms. And this is not the first time when Meta comes up with new plans or ideas to attract their users to the Facebook Marketplace. Not only the VNTANA, but Meta also partnered with the AR company, PerfectCorp which also provides a better experience for shopping especially if the product is related to some beauty or cosmetic products. And now Meta is partnered with VNATANA which also provides 3D ads for the products. 

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