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Top 6 NFT most valuable projects that you must Invest In

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Wondering What are the “Top 6 NFT Projects that are good for Investing”? In today’s digital world, if someone asked for digital currency, the answer would be the NFTs for sure. However, if you are a beginner or an expert, Its craze has spread all over the world. And why not? The NFTs is the trending market ruling the digital world. After Facebook has announced the rebranding of the name of the company to meta. Its demand has seen an exponential rise in terms of selling and buying NFT tokens. Yes, it is high time for the NFTs investors. Before investing in the NFTs market, you should know about its market area, and the proper way to invest and create massive wealth.

Over the past few years, several NFTs collections have been sold on the marketplace for exorbitant prices. NFTs are now considered as the legitimate form of an art collection. Well, you have heard of celebrities such as Tony Hawk, Lindsay Lojan, Lewis Capaldi investing in their own celebrity NFT collections virtually in the metaverse. Thereby every day many NFT projects are being released on different NFT marketplaces.

As we all know NFT is on fire this year. There were many popular companies including tech, and games companies are jumping into the NFT. So in this article, I will show you the top 6 Metaverse NFT Projects that you surely invest your money in. 

Top 6 NFT Projects to Investment

So, there I have listed the most valuable NFT projects that you can truly invest your money with a beginner knowledge about NFT investment. So, let’s not waste your precious time and start our first Metaverse NFT projects.

Top 6 NFT most valuable projects that you must Invest In


Trade Volume of CryptoPunks: $2.88 Billion

Average Per NFT Price: $288,000

A CryptoPunks is a form of NFT, that constitutes a 24×24 pixel, 8-bit style unique avatar. In the beginning, it was created as an experiment conducted by software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson in the year 2017. This technology has the capability to generate thousands of unique avatars. Currently, it has produced a total of 10,000 avatars. 

Initially, the CryptoPunks developers thought of developing an application. However, these avatars soon became a brilliant leap in technology, so they dropped this idea. 

CryptoPunks is a form of digitally generated artwork that is stored in the Ethereum blockchain technology. And today this is a great option to invest in NFT digital assets. 

The most common reason why CryptoPunks is so popular is that there is less non-human digitalization. 

Recently, these days, many famous celebrities have joined the cryptoPunks that are worth millions now. While some celebrities now own more than 50 Punks. To know more about CryptoPunks you can also read another article. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Trade Volume: $1.05 Billion

Average Per NFT Price: $104,400

Moving to the second most valuable NFT project on the list is Bored Ape Yacht Club. You can also be categorized in the list of NFTs like Cryptopunks.

Bored Ape Yacht Club is launched in April 2021 by the developer Yuga Labs. In tTheed Ape Yacht Club have a collection of 10,000 ape avatars with expressions. Initially, NFT vouchers were provided to the users but the project didn’t get that type of attention and it will be unsold. But once the art of avatars have be launched and the user saw the art of NFT, the projects will be sold out too quickly.

The Bored Ape Yacht has 10,000 Avatars, all the avatars were sold out for around $192 in just 12 hours time period. After the 10,000 Avatars were sold out in 12 hours, then the prices of Avatars were grown steadily from April to July. Today each avatar of the Bored Ape Yacht is worth Millions. 

The First Celebrity who purchased Avatar of Bored Ape Yacht and use it on Twitter DP was Very famous Rap Artist Eminem. The world’s best Rap icon purchased Bored Ape Yacht Avatar for $462,000. After getting new is hiped many celebrities like Stephen Carry, Jimmy Fallon, and many other celebs are purchased. This incident makes the Bored Ape Yacht more famous. 

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Decentraland Collection of Wearable Items

Trade Volume: $904 Million

Average Per NFT Price: $9,300

As we all know the internet is evolving at a very rapid rate. Soon we all are entered the Metaverse era. Where we all enjoy the virtual world. In the Metaverse Era, people will control all their avatars in the virtual world and will interact with random internet people with these Avatars.

As we talk about the virtual world, as we all know that Decentraland is the most famous for the virtual world. As many peoples are investing their money in Decentraland. They are buying properties worth millions on the Decentraland platform and building their own empire. If you know something about the Decnetraland you must know that when you join into the Decentraland’s Virtual World you were given an Avatar. 

Although, The avatar will be provided you with the pre-loaded clothes. These Pre-loaded clothes can help you to play games in Decentraland. But you can also purchase a piece of virtual land, clothes, and wearable things from the Decentraland Marketplace.  These Wearable items are nothing but the NFT transfers to you and from these NFT you can use them on your avatars to look stylish. 

If you think that only users of Decentraland can use wearable items then you are wrong. The Decentraland also allows users to create their own wearables things and you can use them for your avatars. If you are good at making items you can make wearable items and sell them into the Decentraland Marketplace and earn money for being a part of the Decentrland Platform.


Trade Volume: $236 Million

Average Per NFT Price: $132

CryptoKitties is another NFT project that carried a lot of values in the NFT. The Project of CryptoKitties are started in 2017 and it was launched with very unique and weird types of NFTs.

As you can guess from its name CryptoKitties, a user have to collect and breed kittens. Which have a very unique Genome. A Genome is defined as its appearances and traits. It all depends on the kind of NFT, the breed to the kitty. This user has the ability to interact in real-time with the help of tokens. 

Axie Infinity

Trade Volume: $3.81 Billion

Average Per NFT Price: $223

Axie Infinity is one of the top games on the Metaverse Games list. And Axie Infinity is one of the most popular games to earn money. According to the news, during the 2021 Covid pandemic lockdown in June, in the Philippines, people were playing all day Axie Infinity and this game became the main source of income for the Philippines people. 

Axie Infinity is an RPG game in that they allow the players to allow to trade into NFTs. I know it is very much hard to understand for those people who didn’t play Axie Infinity. 

Axie infinity had a creature called Axis. They were a type of animal that played buy, trade, and breed and put the animals into the arena for the fight. 

To get started with Axie Infinity you need to purchase at least three Axis because the Axis fight only in groups. It has a One-to-One battle mode to fight. 

When it comes to the Metaverse Platform it would have become the best game. For these, it uses two token coins for its ecosystem. The two tokens are $AXS and $SLP.

$AXS(Axie Infinity Shards)

The $AXS ( Axie Infinity Shards) token, will give you the right to vote and take decisions in the game functionalities and Treasury funds spending. 

$SLP (Smooth Love Potion)

If you want to earn these tokens, you have to fight in the adventure mode and the other players which is on the platform.

This game has seen continuous growth in its graph and its popularity is expected to grow in the future with the help of metaverse. If you wanted to invest in any Metaverse Project, you should consider this game to invest your money. It should give you a high return in the future. 


Trade Volume: $490 Million

Average Per NFT Price: $4,750

SandBox is a metaverse game that is owned by SoftBank. This game helps users to buy or sell virtual property on the Metaverse Platforms.

From this game, you can purchase or sell a virtual property and you can also trade on the SandBox platform. To get all access to all these functions in the sandbox you will need to purchase a cryptocurrency that was called SAND. SAND is a native coin of the Sandbox, which is based on the Etherium Blockchain.

Like the other Blockchain coin which is running on the Ethereum Network. However, the $SAND coins help the users to all the transactions possible in the parts and the pascals of its gameplay.

In the Nutshell, SAND coins uses are as follow:

Stake your SAND coin and earn a reward as a player in the system.

Used these SAND coins into purchasing the ASSETS like NFTs and LAND or virtual real estate.

Through Coins purchase the equipment during the gameplay.

Currently, you can be trading from the SAND coin into the major CEXs and DEXs.

Wrapping Up

Well, this was the list of the top 7 NFT projects that are good for investment. But let me clear one thing, as we are Tech sites and our duty to acknowledge our user wit latest informations. As we are not investing sites, we don’t recommend you to invest your money in any type of Crypto and NFT. As you know Crypto and NFT are subject to the market list. So before investing your money you should be considered an experienced person who had knowledge of NFTs. 

As these are the top 6 Metaverse NFT investment projects. If you think that we missed out on any projects of NFT in this article. You can tell me in the comment section. 

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