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NFT: The Ultimate Guide To CryptoPunks

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In recent times, the terms such as metaverse, bitcoin, and NFTs are trending in the world. People are now more interested in purchasing NFT digital assets. So, the demand for digital assets is so high in the emerging industry. 

Currently, we are seeing that digital assets have arisen with the crypto surge: NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are important. CryptoPunk is one of the most popular NFTs. It features digital avatars for hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time. 

So, what is CryptoPunks, and how is it so worthwhile to purchase it? 

What are CryptoPunks?

So, what is CryptoPunks, and how is it so worthwhile to purchase it? 

A CryptoPunks is a form of NFT, that constitutes a 24×24 pixel, 8-bit style unique avatar. In the beginning it was created as an experiment conducted by software developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson in the year 2017. This technology has the capability to generate thousands of unique avatars. Currently, it has produced a total of 10,000 avatars. 

Initially, the CryptoPunks developers thought of developing an application. However, these avatars soon became a brilliant leap in technology, so they dropped this idea. 

CryptoPunks is a form of digitally generated artwork that is stored in the Ethereum blockchain technology. And today this is a great option to invest in NFT digital assets. 

Most of these avatars were inspired by the 70s British punk scene which resembles the rebellious nature of the rise of blockchain. Of course, although anyone can take a screenshot of these avatars or download an image, only a person has official rights to own anyone’s avatar. So, that makes it a high-profile NFT deal. 

Every avatar in each collection is unique and has rare features as we compared it with others. The uniqueness of the virtual avatar depends on the quality of the line of code used to generate each avatar. Even, the majority of avatars are made up of men and women. And few selected avatars come in the form of aliens, zombies, and even apes. Those rare avatars are available at significantly higher prices in the marketplace. 

What’s more interesting, avatars that have more accessories are more expensive than others. Any single avatar has the most accessories, and it can commonly increase up to seven. So that makes these avatars more expensive. 

Why are CryptoPunks so Admiring? 

Well, you have heard of NFT selling artwork for millions of dollars at an auction. In the year 2021, an NFT created by the famous artist Beeple sold for over $60 million. This case is similar to the CryptoPunks. But Why and How? 

As you know, NFT gives users the opportunity to buy and sell artwork on their platform. It makes you a unique owner while it keeps all the documentation of the previous owners in the Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it is a great platform for investors to make wise moves and make massive wealth. 

Now, the next question arises among the thousands of individuals about how NFTs are valued in the market, and what factors influence their prices. Eventually, the valuation of the NFTs CryptoPunks drastically depends on the perception and popularity of stocks. However, all these investments seem so lucrative for some people, but it is risky. Because the prices of the NFT CryptoPunks sometimes dropped drastically, thereby resulting in the loss of wealth. Although, so far, CruptoPunk’s market value has grown exponentially. 

Initially, when CryptoPunks were released in the market, the cost of each CryptoPunks ranged from $1 and $34. Although, in the current market situation, it now costs around a million dollars sometimes. Well, have you heard of the most expensive sale of CryptoPunk? CryptoPunks had the most expensive sale in June of this year for $11.7 million. An Israeli Entrepreneur Shalom Mackenzie, a billionaire, bought it. Another CryptoPunk was sold to the CEO of Figma for $7.57 million.

You can find hundreds of different valuable CryptoPunks for sale on the LarvaLabs website. This website has the data of lots of popular CryptoPunks available in the marketplace. The cheapest among these CryptoPunks is priced at $139,000. While there are some CryptoPunks that are available at incredibly high prices at $3.19 billion. 

On the LarvaLabs Marketplace, there are lots of rare CryptoPunk such as Zombies and alien avatars. But these rare NFTs CryptoPunks are not available at affordable prices. Right now, the most popular zombie avatar is available for $5.09 million on the marketplace. The most affordable alien avatar is priced at almost $80 million. 

Along with all these, there are some occasional auctions held for the sale of CryptoPunks. After the popularity of Metaverse and NFT, the CryptoPunks avatars are available at affordable prices. So, it is the best time to invest by purchasing some CryptoPunks. It will benefit you in the future if the NFT hype continues to dwindle. 

Bullish on Punks: 2021 Craze

Beginner investors who are new to the NFT space will inevitably come across CryptoPunks sooner than later. One thing you should understand is that Punks are an invaluable asset. However, it has risen to not only be an artwork but an investment and status symbol for some people. 

CryptoPunks are often seen as builders and visionaries on social media platforms. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain which makes it a trustworthy platform. In recent times, we have seen collectors create entire personas, projects, communities, and brands around the single Punk. 

There is also a trend in the marketplace that celebrities, venture capitalists, and even hedge funds have been joining the CryptoPunks race. 

The Future of CryptoPunks 

Over the past few years, CryptoPunks has been a legacy project in the NFT space. Punks are created and continue to live because it is based on the Ethereum blockchain that features immutability. 

While NFT space is growing at a very rapid phase the Punks will always be a landmark endeavour. GMoney said in a recent interview that “CryptoPunks will continue to be a very big pillar of the NFT community. They don’t need to evolve and nothing needs to happen for them to cement their place in history.”

The implementation of copyright laws within NFT is still a new area. Creators have the right to set their own threshold for collector usage and it depends on where and how they mint an NFT. While most of the creators opt to obtain an NFT-issued license that includes Larva Labs. 

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