Apple Watch Series 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Watch is a popular wearable device known for its sleek design and advanced features. We will try to answer all your doubts regarding the most frequently asked question about the Apple Watch. According to what the user searched for the Apple Watch, we picked some questions so don’t blame us if you uncover some of them weirdly. 

Apple Watch Series 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Apple watch fit in the Apple ecosystem?

The Apple Watch is strictly an accessory for your iPhone device. It lets you remotely control your iPhone in a limited way. For instance, the Apple Watch allows you to interact with the essential services – read and respond to messages, but you are limited to interacting with only text. 

The Apple Watch allows you to control your iPhone camera remotely, be limited to shoot mode and look up approaching events on your calendar, nothing beyond a couple of weeks. You can also control the music you have been playing on your iPhone device and make your phone beep when you can’t find your device. 

The Apple Watch only connects to other devices through services performed by your iPhone device. Therefore, Apple Watch fit perfectly in the Apple ecosystem by allowing you to connect to your iPhone device and remotely control many essential services on your iPhone device. 

How do I decide which Apple Watch to purchase?

Yes, you can decide which Apple Watch to purchase depending on several factors, including your budget, compatibility, your primary use, size, cellular or GPS, Battery life, accessories, and warranty and support. 

Apple offers several models with different price points, and setting your budget properly helps you narrow down your options. Make ensure your Apple Watch is compatible with your iPhone device. 

Apple Watch comes in different sizes: 40mm and 44mm (41mm and 45mm sizes are also available for some models.  Make sure to purchase the latest series because of the most cutting-edge technology and features. Be aware of the warranty coverage and available support options if you encounter some issues with your Apple Watch. 

How does the iPhone pair with the Apple Watch?

The process through which the Apple Watch pairs with the iPhone device is straightforward. Pairing your iPhone with the Apple Watch is a breeze with these easy steps. Follow them carefully to enjoy seamless connectivity and access to all the features the Apple Watch has to offer.

Here are the steps to pair your iPhone with the Apple Watch with ease.


  1. An iPhone (compatible with the Apple Watch)
  2. An Apple Watch (compatible with your iPhone)
  3. Latest iOS version on your iPhone


  1. Press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on your Apple Watch.
  2. Pair the iPhone device with the Apple Watch by bringing your iPhone near your Apple Watch and wait until the Apple Watch pairing screen appears on your iPhone device. To continue, please tap on the “continue” button. Tap Set Up for Myself.
  3. Position your iPhone device as the Apple Watch appears in the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app. 
  4. Tap the Set Up Apple Watch button. Follow the instructions provided on your iPhone and Apple Watch to complete the setup process. 

How to make wearable tech like Apple Glasses fashionable?

Apple Glasses can be made fashionable in the same way products like AirPods were made fashionable. Wearable devices with sleek, high quality and modern design are most preferred by the customers. The three key elements: quality design, materials and production process should be taken into consideration. 

Interestingly, when the AirPods were first released in the marketplace, they were widely mocked for looking ridiculous. Airpods were known for being unfashionable, nerdy, and dorky. Over time, Influencers and celebrities started wearing the AirPods, it became fashionable, cool and trendy. In fact, the success of wearable technology in the marketplace is highly dependent on the creativity of the designers to make it fashionable. 

How likely are most people to buy an Apple Watch?

Apple Watches is most likely to be sold in the marketplace in 2023. In the year 2021, Apple had sold more than 40 million Apple Watch units. Since the launch of the Apple Watch Series 0 (the first watch), Apple sold more than 195 million Watches in the marketplace. In 2020, Apple sold more than 100 million Apple Watches, whereas they had already sold more than 195 million Apple Watches units between 2016 and Q2 2022. 

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