Metawars: New NFT Gaming in Space

Wondering “MetaWars a New NFT Gaming in Space?”. Metaverse games are the most trending topic in augmented reality technology. It will change how we surf the internet in the future. Recently, Facebook has changed its name to “Meta” which signifies that Facebook is now a metaverse company. Also, Microsoft shares its plans to create the metaverse in Microsoft Teams. Most of the world’s top companies are competing to create the metaverse. So the question is when will the metaverse be created? How does it work and how could it change the digital world? 

Metaverse is similar to realistic 3D avatars based on virtual environments. In 1992, a science fiction novel “Snow Crash ” was launched that visualizes virtual 3D avatars, realistic buildings, and realistic virtual reality environments. 

The principal technologies behind the metaverse company are augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D holographic avatars, video, and interactive means of communication. We are moving to build the metaverse technology and are on the way to expanding ourselves to the hyper-realistic virtual world.

As today I am introducing Metawars, the newest play-to-earn NFT game. MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy and role-playing game (RPG) that is powered by a growing digital economy that is built on the Blockchain. In the MetaWars, they invite the players to join a highly immersive virtual metaverse Game set that is based on a space theme, and they allow users to read NFTs and Crypto Coins as a reward. 

As we talk about the MetaWars, is based on space games with an infinite universe. In which the players can choose their own path and use a vast collection of NFTs to get an impact on the major events across the galaxies. 

The Gaming Economy and NFT Market

MetaWars a New NFT Gaming in Space

As in the past few years, the gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace. Like it is estimated that at the end of 2021, the gaming industry valued at 2.725 Billion US Dollars. Gaming is a growth sector and it will be expected that the Gaming sector would be expanding until the end of the Decade. 

With the rise of the earth’s population and the rise of popularity among children and youngsters the game is rapidly increasing. With the rise of popularity in the Gaming sector, many investors are searching for blockchain technology-based games and the state of art innovations. As the world is entering the virtual world the NFT economy has begun. And many people are investing their money in NFT. The booming of the NFT economy in the gaming sector and we have witnessed a high growth of more than 125% in the last 5 years. As the combinations of NFT in the gaming sector, we expected that the gaming sector is one of the most exciting industry drivers in the upcoming years. If you want to check the top games of Metaverse you can check out the Top 5 Metaverse Big Gaming Projects

What is MetaWars?

MetaWars is a futuristic Sci-Fi Strategy game in which you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode. The game is in a multi-layered, critical tactic battlefield which allows the players to get monetized and earn rewards like NFTs and Crypto Coins from the game War Economy. In this game players can immersive themselves in realistic space explorations with great resources which they can converse and use them. 

MetaWars enables cooperation with various game commanders to get revolutionalize the galaxy with different types of missions. The play-and-earn NFTs in the gaming ecosystem would allow the users to have fun while playing earn some interesting NFT points and collect all the limited edition collections of robots through various game auctions. 

The MetaWars allows the users and gives them an opportunity to get discover different galaxies, unlock mysteries and protect valuable things from enemies. These challenges allow all the players to stake, play to earn, and collect NFTs. these earnings will help you to earn MetaWars Tokens ($WARS) and some governance tokens. 

The Gameplay of MetaWars allows the players to get widen their army with unique ships, classes, and various optimization options. The players have to combine modules, weapons, and devices, and also equip perks, and help their MetaWars character to level up their strength, ranked up, and receive amazing rewards across the metaverse. 

MetaWars Gameplay and how to Play MetaWars?

MetaWars is specially designed with the idea of utilizing and testing all the limits of Blockchain Functionalities. Each characteristic of the game and its universe demonstrates the clever marriage of adventure and technology. 


The first characteristic of the MetaWars is all about the Exploration of Space. Players can embark on their journey for discovery, traversing the vast MetaWars galaxy that is constantly evolving or shifting to the collective actions of every plant. In most parts of the galaxy, areas are very dangerous, and for that type of situation, strategy is required in order to come out alive. Players will disclose mysteries and defend themselves and their valuable stuff from the enemies. Players have the ability to stake and earn coins or gather NFT collectibles which are used to buy $WARS tokens. 

Fleet Formation

The next thing that players can do is they can move on to Fleet Formation. At this stage, players can get an option to customize their fleet of ships and robots to get stronger. As MetaWars provide a modular design to the players, in which they allow players to transform each ship into a suit for a specific role. As Robots you can acquire them from lotteries or from auctions, but there will be a secondary market for robots and ships, all backed with NFTs. The main segment of the MetaWars involves navigating through the ship’s classed or optimized options in order to build a perfect fleet. After you succeeded in the Fleet Segment, payers would have to strategically combine modules, weapons, and devices to upgrade the strength of MetaWar’s Character.


Finally, we will arrive at the Combat Segment. According to the MetaWars, the stakes are high because” You only have one life to live”. As a Player, you play as the Surviving Clone Pilots and try to earn NFTs into a false identity. And soon you will find yourself in the middle of the grand story, and you were discovering what it is meant to be a Human. And in the final segment, the Game will activate the planet battle, which is a player-versus-player mode that awards a $WARS token to the winner. And your story mission is a Player-Versus-Environment game, if you also succeed the game will upgrade your strength, rank, and rewards. This (PvE) mission is necessary for getting stronger, and rank, and this mission will help you in the second battle fight. 

Acquire Terrain

Additionally, there is also a feature of Acquire Terrain. These Acquire Terrain helps the MetaWars Player to purchase the planets for their bases of operations. By doing this, you are able to get acquire the exclusive right to resource collection and other economic advantages. Those players who are able to buy terrain on the same planet, have the chance to become the primary owner of the planet. 

The MetaWars RoadMap

In Phase 1

The first phase of the MetaWars Roadmap is development, which took a place in Q3 2021. It was established for planning and preparations, including the development of the Game, along with verifying ideas and lining up with the advisors.

In Phase 2

Initiation is currently underway in Q4 2021. MetaWars are planning to announce its IDO Listings, NFT Auctions, Stacking, and Dapps Launch. 

In Phase 3

In phase 3, also known as Exploration. Exploration is rolled out in MetaWars in Q1 2022. The MetaWars Company intends to get release additional elements and the properties of the game of warriors with the new NFT Marketplace and PvE modes. 

In Phase 4

In the final phase, Gamification will begin in Q2 2022. In this phase, MetaWars will explore both unity and PvP gameplay. 

What is $WARS Tokens?

$WARS is a blockchain currency, As the players from all over the world will compete against others and the winner will get the reward as a $WARS token. These $WARS currency will give access to critical resources and other universal items for victory and bragging rights. These $WARS Tokens can be used as:

  • Staking:– These rewarded $WARS tokens can be staked on the MetaWras platform to earn more rewards over time.
  • Auctions:- In Auctions, you will get collections of various items and it will work on the $WARS token as the main currency.
  • Governance:- In the governance mechanism of the MetaWars, it relies on the use of $WARS tokens. A $WARS token holder will be able to participate in the critical decisions in the Metaverse.
  • Insurance:- These $WARS tokens will help you to buy insurance for your ships and robots that the players have acquired in-game.

As a result of the Circula gaming ecosystem, where all the players are able to earn $WARS tokens while they are interacting with the Metaverse. They can use items and trade their items in the NFT Marketplace and earn real-life NFTs profits.

The $WARS token will be distributed with different vesting periods and the percentages determine the budget allocated by the company. There will be almost a total of 1,500,000,000 caps for the $WARS Tokens. 

What are $GAM Tokens?

MetaWars is also featuring an upcoming feature in-game utility token which is named $GSM. These $GAM tokens will help you to use them for purchasing upgrades of your ships and robots on MetaWars. As these $GAM tokens are also used to pay for repairs, special customizations, booster packs, spaceship fuels, character upgrades, and many more. 

How do Will the $GAM and $WARS tokens work in MetaWars?

Both the $GAM and $WARS tokens are integrated into the MetaWars gameplay. Players can stake $WARS-LP in order to get earn $GAM. 

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MetaWars Partnerships

Earn Guild

Earn Guild is a decentralized player’s guild game in which users can play and earn profits while playing games. Earn guild was launched in 2021 and it already has 1400 members and 50 new players joined daily. Most of the players can join together and play Axie infinity, the man guild is compromised of experienced game entrepreneurs. These Entrepreneurs who also experts in blockchain technology, startup accelerations, and payments. From these partnerships, MetaWars hoped that they will help to expand its gameplay and play-to-earn economy by creating a blockchain gaming experience.

OVR x MetaWars

OVR is a community-based platform which means Over the reality. OVR aims to create a decentralized world powered by Ethereum along with Augmented reality (AR). From these partnerships, MetaWars hoped that they will help to expand its gameplay and play-to-earn economy by creating a blockchain gaming experience.

Wrapping Up

To play-to-earn model in the MetaWars is not only open but is also fair. These interesting gameplay features and providing their user with $WARS and $GAM tokens to get prepare for the battle fight. I think this is a good time when you can earn too many profits from them. 

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