Metacelo Play-And-Earn Metaverse Game?

Once there was a time when playing Games is considered a waste of time and energy. But these all were considered before the Metaverse. The Introduction of Metaverse and NFTs have been changed it all. But how it will change? Well, we know that Metaverse is now playing their NFT token to the user who plays Metaverse games which they consider as Play-To-Earn with Metaverse Games. So in this article, I will be introduced to you the Metacelo Game, which is the first play and earns Metaverse Game.

Play to earn with Metaverse games are video games in which users have to play games in Metaverse. These types of games are also known as play-to-earn Metaverse Games. In the Other Metaverse games, users have to pay for assets t play or buy the assets for the games. And then he can use these assets to create their NFTs and build their own real estate empire into the Metaverse Game. From these real-estate empires, users can create NFT. These Created NFTs can be sold later in their in-game NFT marketplace and from this NFT Marketplace can make huge profits their Created NFTs. 

Metaverse Gaming is one of the best ways to get earn NFT money in the Metaverse. As we know that Metaverse is soon going to change every field and change everything. The Gaming Industry is one of the most profitable industries. And soon Metaverse is going to change Gaming Industry with Virtual Reality. The introduction of NFTs in the gaming Rewards has taken the first step in the gaming industry. And this Metaverse is going to take the gaming industry to the next level. 

Metacelo Play-And-Earn Metaverse Game?

Well, Let’s get to the point, as in this article I will talk about the Matacelo, the First play-to-earn game in Metaverse. 

What is Metacelo?

Metacelo as we already told you, is the first Metaverse NFT game that offers their user the to play and earn NFTs. This Metacelo is developed by the Celo Network. As we talk about the Metacelo gameplay, it is a Role-Playing-Game(RPG) in the open world in which it allows the users to win NFTs in reality. From these NFTs, you can sell them later and make profits from them.

As for the user, the user can join games as a Monster Trainer and the user can build their own story according to their creativity. In the game, you can use your Monster to have a fight with other players in the Metacelo Game. After fighting with other players you can kill opponent monsters or own them by defeating the opponent players. Killing the Monsters and winning the monsters is one of the prominent ways to win the NFTs into the Metacelo Game. 

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Token Were used in Metacelo?

As we said Metacelo is a Metaverse NFT Game. This means the game is going to have its own ecosystem. So this ecosystem will be used to get our own native currency, these native currencies we also called in-game tokens.

The name of the native currency in the Metacelo is $cMeta. The $cMeta token is developed on the Celo Blockchain. The player must be using these $cMeta tokens to purchase the in-game assets and all the trading materials in the games, the trading will be done only by the $cMeta Tokens. 

Blockchain is used in Metacelo

As we already told you Metacelo is rewarding all of their players with NFTs. The play-to-earn Metaverse NFT tokens through the Metacelo game use a Celo Blockchain. As we talking about Celo, Celo is a platform that works as a global payment infrastructure for all types of cryptocurrencies. So that is why this game is developed by Celo to keep in the mind the Players. 

Metacelo Game Features

To play and earn Metaverse NFT in Metacelo games offers a lot of features. Let’s take a look at all the main features:


In the Metacelo Metaverse, you will find a specific place where the players can go and get the Ceo Crypto converted into the $cMeta native currency. This Native currency which is $cMeta can later be used to make purchases in the game. 


As I already told you it is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) Metaverse NFTs game. Players will have to do farming. The Monsters Trainer can earn $cMeta native currency as a farming reward by adding up the liquidity pair of the rewarding tools.  

Monster Shop

As I said you have to fight against your opponent with your Monster. As from the monster shop where you can purchase your own monster with $cMeta native currency and train your Monster. Well, you can’t purchase the monster directly, you need to purchase a Monster egg from the shop. And train your monster and make your monster stronger enough. To purchase Monster from the shop, you need to have an in-game token that is $cMeta. 


The Marketplace is one of the places where the Player that is a Monster trainer can go and sell the winning monster from the opponent player in the game. Selling the opponent monster in the marketplace is one of the best ways to earn money in the game. All you have to do is grow your monster make them stronger enough and defeat the opponent player. And sell the Opponent monster in the Marketplace. 

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Monster Release

Well, this is one of the features of the Metacelo game, in which the game allows the player to release their unwanted monster. Upon releasing an unwanted monster the player will get a fragment of the egg. That can later be merged into a full egg and a new monster is born. 

Wrapping Up

The Developer of these Metacelo games claims that this is the first Play To Earn Metaverse NFT game. Well, our team is looking for different ways to earn free NFT. And we will find the way. Well, this game can be downloaded easily from their official website, and don’t forget to connect your Metamask Digital Wallet with the Meatcelo game. It helps you to easily start doing transactions. 

If you still have any queries about Metacelo, you can free to ask us in the comment section. If you want to know more about Metaverse sta Connected with TheInsightHubs. 

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