Meta is Adding 3D Ads Features on Facebook and Instagram Platform

As Meta is adding 3D Ads Features on Facebook and Instagram. As the Metaverse is a very popular topic in the world. Where Many of the most popular companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are joined in the Metaverse. However, it was bought into the limelight by Facebook. Facebook’s approach to shifting the world towards Web 3.0. That is why Facebook Changed its platform name and set it as a Meta. Met5a also released its own virtual worlds to give its users to glimpse into the Metaverse. So now Meta is decided to take their social media like Facebook and Instagram into Web 3.0 by introducing their brand new idea of 3D ads on their Social Media Platforms. 

Yes, you heard it right Meta is introducing 3D advertisements on their Social Media Platforms. Soon you are able to see 3D ads on Facebook or Instagram Platforms. And I know this news is great for all the Service Providers or Customers. Because Service Provider companies can put their products into a 3D form and tell the customer about the Products in the best way. As we all know that most people are spending too much time scrolling reels, Social Media posts, etc. And it will help the company to target its audience on the Facebook Marketplace through Instagram Business Accounts. 

Today as a customer we all feel something missing in our shopping experience. But from this 3D ads have the ability to see the products from all angles. And you will get the correct decision regarding products. 

Meta is Adding 3D Ads Features on Facebook and Instagram Platform

But how Seller can upload 3D ads on Facebook and Instagram? So in this article, we were discussing what technology will help you to upload ads in 3D on Instagram or Facebook. So I had listed all the detailed overviews.

3D Ads Features on Facebook and Instagram Platforms

The 3D ads feature is announced in the Press release by the 3D ads Company VNTANA. As VNTANA announced that it has partnered with the Meta Company and we will provide 3D Ads Services to the sellers and the business people on both the Meta Platforms that is Facebook and Instagram. 

As we all know that Metaverse is a Virtual World. And Many people are thought that Metaverse and Virtual Reality is the same. So don’t be confused. Virtual Reality is a technology that takes you into the Virtual World. But in Virtual Reality technology, you can’t feel or interact or touch any of the objects. 

However, Metaverse is a technology that also takes you into the virtual world but it allows youtube get to interact or feel or touch the virtual world. As I had listed how to enter the Virtual World. 

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You can say that the Metaverse Concept is can be used on Social Media Platforms. But the only difference is that you can meet and talk with the person in the Virtual World and purchase their products. 

How the 3D Ads will work on the Social Media

As for the earlier user who already use 3D Ads to promote their product. They had to modify their 3D ads into a format that is compatible with the Metaverse Platform. But after the collaboration of Meta and the VNTANA, Sellers can create 3D advertisements of their product and upload them for their customers on Social Media Platforms.

Many of the sellers thought that we need to hire specialized people to create 3D Advertisements. You are wrong, you don’t need any specialized people for creating 3D advertisements. For creating 3D Advertisements VNTANA offers you a platform that helps you create 3D ads in a simple way. The amazing fact about this feature is that customers can view products from all possible angles and choose the best products. 

But when a new feature comes it also affects something that we may know.

The Effects of Web 3.0 on the Social Media Platforms

As this is not the first time when Meta comes up with new plans or ideas to attract their users to the Facebook Marketplace. Not only the VNTANA, but Meta also partnered with the AR company, PerfectCorp which also provides a better experience for shopping especially if the product is related to some beauty or cosmetic products. And now Meta is partnered with VNATANA which also provides 3D ads for the products. 

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Wrapping Up

Recently VANTAA which is a 3D ads service providing company announced that they are partnering with the Meta Company. As they provide a 3D ads service to the seller. From this platform, they help the seller to create 3D ads for the Social Media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Partnering with Meta will help the Meta company to interact with customers through their Facebook Marketplace. As we all know that Meta is always trying to bring With 3.0 to their users. So this 3D ads service will help Meta to engage the users with Web 3.0. 

As recently Mark Zukerberg said that they were planning to bring the NFT Marketplace into Instagram. So we will expect that this ad feature is connected with this Marketplace. 

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