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How to View Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root?

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Wondering “How to View Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root?”

Do you want to view all the saved Wi-Fi passwords on your Android phones? Try these listed apps and I will provide some of tips to view your Wi-Fi password.

Are you wondering how to show a WiFi password on your Android Device? Some of the time we just forget about the WiFi password and we have disconnected or forgotten WiFi passwords. Or you wanted to view your friend’s saved WiFi passwords to get connected to your device with friends’ WiFi routers. 

No matter what your reason for connecting with forgotten passwords. We are here to show you how to find a saved Wifi password on your Android device with the help of some methods. Note these methods only show you all the WiFi passwords that you have already connected to in the past few years. You can’t see the WiFi password that you had never been connected to. 

How to View Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root?

Unfortunately, these methods and tips work for Android 10 or later users, but I will share some methods to show passwords on Android 9 or older devices. This method is not for those users who have Android 9 or older Android Operating Systems but you can read the tips to view saved WiFi passwords. As we talk about Android 10, you can see your saved network of WiFi passwords. To view the WiFi password on Android 10, first, open your Settings and search for Network And Internet. Now tap on the WiFi option and after opening, you will see your current WiFi network is on the top of the list. Select the WiFi name from the WiFi name list that you want to see the password. 

How to View Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root?

After viewing the WiFi password you can share this password with the share button. If you want to share you will need to confirm your Face or Fingerprint or by entering PIN code, etc. Once you confirm, you will see your Network WiFi password list below with the QR Code to share with your friends. 

Suppose the password doesn’t appear on the screen, you can connect your friend or another device by scanning a QR code to add it to the WiFi router. 

Basically, Android 11 and 12 have the same method but the process may look slightly different depending on your Smartphone or an Android Device. 

How to See WiFI Passwords on Android 9 and Older Operating Systems

Are you running an Android 9 or Older operating system and your phone doesn’t have features to show WiFi passwords? You can use other methods or turn your device in the other form to reveal your WiFi passwords. But you have to turn your device into Root Mode to see your saved password. 

Many of the users thought that why root is important for such things. This is important because the file which holds the WiFi password list credentials for Saved Networks is saved in the protected directory in your phone storage. To view these files you don’t have the permission of the Operating System to open and see these protected files. Because these files id your data, as an Operating System, it’s the operating system’s duty to protect your data from unwanted hackers. You can access these files unless you Rooted your Operating System. 

If you are already rooted in your Operating System. You can access all these protected files. After root, you can go and open Data/Misc/WiFi with the help of your File Manager or File explorer App. Now open wpa-supplicant.conf and you can see your Network name and its password. Your network is SSID and your password is PSK. 

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In case you don’t want to open some files, or you wanted to get the easiest way to access these files. You can try An Android Wi-Fi password viewer app Like WPS-WPA, WiFi Password Viewer, etc. These apps can let you see your network name along with your device password. 

Note:- After your phone gets rooted, your device’s security firewall is broken. If you have a great knowledge of the operating system. If you have a security app to secure your data, well good. But if it didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to secure your data from the data robbers. Root means, all the security options that Google provides for the Android System are given to you. This means Android is not able to secure your data. 

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