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How to Set Up An Apple Watch | Beginner’s Guide

How to Set Up An Apple Watch | Beginner’s Guide

Having a New Apple Watch? So we offer everything you need to start your good journey with wearable devices. How to Set Up An Apple Watch? In this guide, we have explained simple steps to set up an Apple watch.

The Apple Watch is a perfect companion for an iPhone Owner. It has a suite of fitness and wellness features. Moreover, the Apple Watch provides a great way to connect with your fitness and see the most critical information at your Glance. 

If you are new to this Smart Phone Watches or new to Apple Watch. We can help you to set up your first Apple Watch. So here is the beginner’s guide that allows you to get your new Watch set up and customize it. 

Pair Your Apple Watch With your iPhone. 

After buying your Brand new Apple Watch pair up with your Apple iPhone. While you paired off your Apple Watch with your iPhone it continues and becomes less independent on iPhone.

Bring the Watch next to your iPhone. And Wait until you see pop-up notifications that appear on your iPhone. This pop-up message says Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch. Click on the Continue button to begin the pairing process.

During the setup of your Apple Watch, you will see that your Apple Watch is up and running in the background. You will see some of the tasks that you have accomplished including settings and along with passcode. You can also add Apple Pay information to it. And selecting what type of settings you want to share between the iPhone and Apple Watch. 

If you have cellular connectivity connect with your Apple Watch. Just enable your Apple Watch and you will set up that connectivity during your Pairing process. 

Explore and Download your Apple Watch Apps

Just like your iPhone and iPad have Apps that you can play. So there are some apps that change your Watch Experience. Along with a number of pre-installed apps from Apple. You can use a variety of apps from third-party developers. 

If you want to explore the stocks apps, you can watch, and click on the Digital Crown once. You will see a grid view app icon placed on your screen. Or you can see a list that shows icons along with their name. If you want to switch between the two apps. You can press down and select Grid View or List View. 

There were a few ways to download third-party apps for your Apple Watch. One way is to open up the companion watch on your iPhone and Select the My Watch Tab.

Now scroll down the Available Apps section. That section will show you the installed apps on your Apple Watch versions. Now select Install in order to install the app on your Watch. 

You can also download apps directly from your Apple Watch. Now Press on the Digital Crown and select App Store.

It has a full list of Curated apps, and you can search for exactly something specific by choosing your search. Either you can choose and use a Voice Dictation, Scribble, or the Apple Watch Series 7 or later built-in keyboard. 

Once you install all chosen apps that you like. Apple offers a number of different ways that help you to manage and rearrange your apps on wearable devices. 

If you want to select individual apps to install on your Watch, you can also use automatically install on any iPhone which is compatible with your Apple Watch. To do that, you need to select the My Watch tab which is on your Watch App. After that choose General and toggle on Automatic App Install. 

Apple Watch Notification and Control Center

If you want to get a better interact with your Apple Watch. You need to swipe down from a Watch face to see all your notifications from your iPhone. Select one to see more information. If you want to dismiss an individual notification. Swipe left and choose the X in order to dismiss. 

If you want to dismiss all of your Notifications, Select and Clear All. Which is on your top screen. 

Create A Custom Apple Watch Face

Once you installed all of your apps. Now it’s time to dive into the Apple Watch face world. Apple included a vast variety of different faces that will help you to customize with different colours and different compilations. 

There is a small compilation that you face from the apps if you have not updated your Glance Face. 

In order to create a custom face, the most and the easiest way to press down on any watch face. Continue to slide left until you see the new face option. After that select the + Sign. And hence you can see different faces that are available on the Digital Crown. Scroll down and see the best faces for your app. 

When you find your face from Digital Crown, Choose to Add. On the next screen, it’s depending on the face you choose, you can now pick a colour, complications, and many more to make a face for your own App. 

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How to Set Up An Apple Watch | Beginner’s Guide

Narinder Sharma