How to Set Up Oculus Quest 2?

Wondering How to Set up Oculus Quest 2? The Oculus Quest 2 is the best virtual reality headset available for most people. If you have just bought an Oculus Quest 2 and doesn’t how to enter the world of virtual reality world, this post surely helps you out. 

Follow our Oculus Quest 2 step-by-step guide that helps you to set up Quest 2 quickly. In this post, we have covered all information regarding Oculus Quest 2 Box, its components, controllers, and Oculus app setup. 

So, Now let’s start with the list of items included in the Oculus Quest 2 Box.

What’s In the Oculus Quest 2 Box? 

Firstly, There are lot more accessories included in the Oculus Quest 2 Box. So, Pull the tab on the bottom of the box to remove the plastic wrap. After that, you will certainly find some useful items inside including the following items:

  • Oculus Quest 2 headset
  • Silicone cover
  • Two touch controllers
  • Two AA batteries, already inserted in the controllers
  • A charging cable and power adapter
  • A spacer for those who wear glasses
  • Reference materials

Next, Pull the tab near the Power button located on the right side of the headset to remove the wrapping. Also, you will find an optional silicone cover when you move your face. Remove these protective silicone cover plastics on both lenses. 

The one thing you should understand is that the foam part of the headset is designed as removable. So, if you wear glasses, you should pull the foam insert out and thus place a glass spacer inside, and consequently replace the foam. 

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Putting on and Adjusting the Quest 2 Headset

For Adjusting your Quest 2 Headset, hold the power button on the right side for a few seconds. Next, pull the strap back and thus place it over your head and adjust it.

Next, Remove the headset, and after that use the two sliders on the back of the strap to adjust how tightly it fits. For tightening it, move the sliders towards the outside of the headset. And vice versa, move the sliders towards the centre strap to loosen it. 

Once you have a good fit, it is recommended by experts to put the headset back on. Identically, you can now remove Velcro from the top strap and consequently adjust it to get a comfortable fit on the top part. 

Now, let’s set up an initial setup screen that lets you choose the controllers and connect to your Wi-Fi network. 

In case the oculus quest 2 screen looks blurry, then remove the headset and push the lenses apart or close together and check the clarity of the screen. 

After all, you need to install Oculus Quest 2 latest software updates. At this point, you can turn off your Oculus headset or plug it in to charge. The USB-C port is located on the left side of the Oculus Quest 2. Also, there’s a headphone jack. Along with it, Oculus Quest 2 has built-in speakers that feature connected headphones for more immersive audio. 

Install and Confugure the Oculus App

How to Set Up Oculus Quest 2?

Firstly, Download the oculus application available for both Android and iOS devices. The Oculus app is a useful application that allows user to manage their Oculus device and buy games. It is a convenient way of purchasing games in the virtual reality environment. 

 Oculus Quest 2 requires signing through the Facebook Profile or creating an account if currently don’t have one. 

After signing in, the Oculus quest app will ask you to set up your VR username and profile photo to connect with people globally. It lets you choose profile photos from Facebook photos, use a photo saved on your phone and pick from default ones. 

Next, the Oculus application lists the Facebook friends that are using Oculus. Tap Add Friend to connect with your Facebook friends. Also, you select who can see your Oculus activity and Facebook name while using the Oculus platform. This application allows you to pick from the Public, Friends, or only me. Select some interests on the following page for getting better recommendations by Oculus. 

In the next step, create a PIN that protects your purchases on the Oculus Store. You can skip this option or add a credit card or Paypal account for purchases. 

Congratulations! You are now fully ready to pair your Oculus quest 2 headset with the Oculus application. Next, pick your model from the list that appears on the screen. And Oculus app will automatically detect the device. So, put your headset back on to finish the Oculus quest 2 setups. 

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Create Your Virtual Playspace 

After all, Now it is time to create the guardian boundary for your Oculus Quest 2 playspace. This will create a virtual playspace around you. This is widely used as a passthrough and merges the real world with virtual world objects. 

The Oculus Quest 2 controller can be used to draw your playspace boundaries. This process will create a virtual boundary that prevents you from running into walls or breaking your TV during an intense game. 

Virtual Playspace is an amazing feature that lets you play virtual reality games in multiple rooms throughout the house. And surprisingly these boundaries are persistent. Without redrawing your space every time, this feature allows you to walk in and out of boundaries. 

For security reasons, Oculus quest 2 prevents you from recording any moment when setting up your boundary. 

Navigate the virtual world

Finally, you have successfully done Oculus Quest 2 setup. The dashboard screen displays multiple locations from a seaside retreat to a cyberpunk apartment. 

The universal menu means the virtual environment floating in front of you. The slick six-icon interface allows you to access Friends, Your Content Library, Sharing, Notifications, and Settings. 

On the extreme left-hand side of the menu bar, it provides a quick access look to the time, date, Wi-Fi signal strength, and battery status of your peripherals. The first tab button will be used to set up profile settings. Profile settings can be everything from avatar customization to bio information and adjusted privacy settings.

Second, from the left is a square icon that consists of nine dots. This section is known as the Apps Section where you spend most of your time. It allows you to sort and filter apps by name, install date, and size. 

Next, the MySpace-Esque buddy icon is your Friend section. The space can be used for creating parties, chatting with friends, and viewing activities. Also, Oculus quest 2 will provide suggestions for some friends here.

Next to the Friends section is your Notification Tab represented by a bell icon in the application. It lets you view notifications regarding download, invite, and event reminders. 

An Angular arrow proceeds to the Notification section used mostly by content creators or party hosts. This option is known as Sharing Tab which enables various features such as display casting to your phone or Chromecast, Livestream directly to Facebook, and recording highlight-worthy moments. 

The last option is available in the Settings Wheel. Settings Tab allows you to control advanced options such as storage management, your virtual environment, and display options. 

Wrapping Up

In essence, the post covers all the useful information regarding Oculus Quest 2 setup procedures and a list of components included in the box. We have discussed thoroughly how to adjust the oculus quest headset. Alongside this, it covers detailed information on the Oculus app for both android and iOS devices. 

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