NFT: How to Mint NFT Without Gas Fee?

Wondering! How to Mint NFT Without Gas Fee? Are you a crypto investor or Metaverse NFTs creator? Have you been fed up paying gas fees for the minting process of NFT artwork and want to avoid it? If you are willing to do so, then here is some good news for you. Yes, this can be possible with the new concept of lazy mining, where you don’t need to pay any gas fees. 

There are multiple NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible that implemented this new concept of lazy minting. The main disadvantage of the traditional way of minting NFTs is high gas fees that discourage NFT investors across the world. Besides the high risk involved in minting NFTs because these investors have to pay high gas fees and were unsure if their NFTs would be sold or not. So, the lazy minting of NFTs can be the main relief for such creators. 

NFT: How to Mint NFT Without Gas Fee?

Well, this post explains the new concept of lazy minting and how it helps new creators and developers. Through this post, we will thoroughly be going through the concept of Lazing minting NFT, and its works. Now, let’s first understand the lazing minting concept. 

What is Minting?

In the NFT marketplace, minting is the process of registering digital art on the blockchain so that it can’t be changed or tempered in the future. It is an important part of the NFT art purchase and selling process. Because it is the only thing through for creating NFT and earning money in the NFT marketplace. Traditionally, it costs a lot to mint the NFT artwork because there is a very high gas fee involved. So, it restricts the small creators and investors to invest in the NFT marketplace because there is so much risk involved. And there could be a chance that these investors don’t get the sales. However, they have to pay hefty gas fees and they were unsure whether it works or not. The hefty gas fees have kept many creative artists at a huge loss. 

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Now let’s understand what is lazy minting and how it helps NFT creators and investors to mint their artwork for free. 

What is lazy Minting in NFT?

Before getting straight to the topic of how to do lazy minting, let’s understand what it is. 

Lazy minting is the technique of minting NFTs at the time of purchase. It was launched towards the end of the year 2020, and soon it was adopted by the most popular traded NFT marketplaces, OpenSea, And Rarible. This concept became popular among creators and investors who want to sell their NFTs without initial investment in gas fees. 

In other words, lazy minting helps the creators and investors to allow them to mint their artwork for free. 

Moreover, it doesn’t mean that you don’t require to pay the gas fees. Once your artwork is purchased, the NFT investors will have to pay gas fees from that money. This concept brought down the risk of losing money to zero. It gives confidence to the new investors and creators who want to freely mint their artwork or resale their NFTs without having any risk of losing money. 

How to Mint NFT Without Gas Fee?

If you are thinking that you cannot mint an NFT for free, let me clear you are wrong! You can mint your NFT without paying any gas fees.

So in the above paragraph, I will tell you how to mint NFT without paying any gas fees from such platforms as OpenSea and Rarible.

How to Mint NFT without any Gas Fees on OpenSea?

For minting an NFT without paying any type of gas fees, through the OpenSea marketplace you can do this. The only thing that you can do is that you need to be very careful and follow these steps.

Create Account

For creating an account in OpenSea, you need to go to the website In this, you can connect your digital wallet to it, and you can also use MetaMask Wallet by going into the profile on the upper right. 


Once you have connected your wallet to the website, go to the profile icon and click on the My Collections. After that press Create A Collection. Af if you are wondering to maintain NFT, you don’t need to be worried about it. You can choose a single NFT instead of NFT collections.


After that, now you need to fill in all the details regarding this like the Logo Image of your collection, banned image, URL, Category, Description, Royalty of your collection featured Images, and the Walle address. 


Once you have copied the wallet address, you can find the blockchain options. If you want a mint for your NFT for free. You need to change the blockchain to Polygon. And you can also change the display theme and click on the create option.

Add Items

If you need to add an item to it. Then click on the add items option which is on the right side on the top. Here, you can add an image, video, and Audio. After that add a name, description, external link, and other details and click on create. 

That it! As you have successfully minted your NFT and now you can put it into your NFT marketplace. 

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How to Mint NFT without A Gas Fees on Rarible?

For Knowing now add your Mint your NFT with any Gas fees through Rarible. So here are the steps that you need to follow carefully.

Sign In

The first step that you need to do is that go to the Rerible website and login into your account with your Digital Wallet. You can’t sign in if you don’t have a Metamask Wallet. And If you are using the Reliable platform for the first time, you just need to set up a professional profile. 

Create Collectible

When you complete your first step, click on the Create option to create an NFT. Now you can choose between a Multiple or single collectible as per your choice. 


Once you have chosen your NFT between the single or multiple collectibles, then you need to get upload the file that you wanted to transform into your NFT. Then you can click on the Choose File and select the file that you wanted to transfer into NFT. And then, you can choose if you wanted to sell your NFT at a fixed price or not at the select price. 

Choose Collection

Now you can select the Rerible option and Mine the NFT without any gas fees. From this option, you don’t need to pay any gas fees, and only the buyer will be required to get pay fees if you turn this option. 

Other Details

After you do this, fill up all the other details such as Royalty amount, Description, titles, etc, for your NFT. And then click on Create Items, and after that upload, the part will be finished. Now the next step you can do is to click on the Sign-in pop-up right side and again click on Sign for completing the process. 

So from this process, you have completed all the processes of Mining your NFT. Now your NFT is on sale on Rarible.

Wrapping Up

With this, you will reach the end of the article which is about how to mint Your NFT without gas fees. So in this article, we have discussed that there were two minting platforms that register your NFT without any gas fees. But, if you still have queries related to this post, you can freely ask in the comment section. 


Q1. Can we Mint NFT for Free?

Yes! You can mint your NFT without paying any gas fees through these two platforms Rarible, and OpenSea. 

Q2. What will happen if NFT Doesn’t Sell on OpenSea?

If your NFT doesn’t sell in the NFT Marketplace, you can re-minted or delete it. However, it costs more gas fees.

Q3. Do we have to pay a Gas Fee for Every individual NFT?

So whenever your order is placed or canceled for NFT, you will have to pay gas fees. Even if your NFT is lazy mining, you still need to pay gas fees for minting.

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