How to Listen to Music On Your Apple Watch?

With the Apple Watch, you can turn up your own music library and listen to music, Apple Radio Stations, Pandora, Spotify, and many other Music Streaming and Library Hub services from your Watch. So In this Guide, we will help you on how to listen to music on your Apple Watch.

Listening to Music from your Wraist Apple Watch is a convenient option whether your phone is not close to you. However, with the Apple Watch, you can listen to your favourite songs, or your Watch OS is compatible with your Model or OS versions. If your Apple Watch Operating System runs 4.1 or higher versions. Your Watch will let you listen to your favourite music playlist or albums from your iPhone. If you want to listen from Online Music Streaming Services like Pandora, Spotify, or Apple Music, you can freely listen to your favourite songs

If you have your own Apple Watch Series 3 or newer, you can use all the Music Streaming Services or many more. Or you can be synced with your Playlist in Apple iCloud. Or you can listen to your favourite music from the Cloud Directly.

How to Listen to Music On Your Apple Watch?
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Play Music on Apple Watch

Use any of the Music App, You have to choose any Play and Music On Apple Watch. You can play music stored on your Apple Watch, you can control Music on Your iPhone, Stream Music From your Watch, and many more.

Play Music With Siri


Siri: Say something like:

  • “Play ‘Enough for You by Olivia Rodrigo”
  • “Play more songs from this album”
  • “Play my workout playlist”
  • “Play Apple Music Country”
  • “Play cool jazz”
  • “Play the dinner party playlist”
  • “Play a playlist to help me relax”
  • “Play more like this”

Play Music

After You connect your Apple Watch to Bluetooth with your headphones or with your Speakers. To do that open your Music App on your Apple Watch, after that do these above points:-

  • Play Music On Your Apple Watch: Turn the Digital Crown to scroll through your album networks, then tap on your Playlist or albums to play it on your Apple Watch.

You Can use Apple Watch app on your iPhone to choose which songs you wanted to add to your Apple Watch.

  • Play Music from iPhone: Scroll to the top of your screen, tap on iPhone, then tap on your playlist, artist, albums, or song that you want to play it.
  • Play Music from your Music Library:- Tap on the Library, then tap on your Playlist, artist, albums, or songs. To play the downloaded music on your Apple Watch, tap on the Downloaded, then choose whatever music you wanted to play.
  • Request Music From Apple Music App:- To play music on Apple Music, just raise your Wrist, the request an artist, albums, songs, genre, or portion or song lyrics.

Play Music For You

If you are a subscriber to the Apple Music App, so you can play chosen music especially made for you.

  • First Open your Music App on your Apple Watch.
  • Scroll down to the top of the screen, then tap on the Listen Now Option to see your Playlist and the albums based on your likes and dislikes.
  • Now tap on the category, and tap an album or playlist, then tap on the Play Option.

Open the Queue

When playing any music, you can see the list of upcoming songs in the queue.

  • Open your Music App, on your Apple Watch.
  • After that Play an Album or any playlist, then tap on the Three-Dotted Line.
  • To play a track that is on the queue, tap on it.

So by default, Auto Play adds your music to the end of the queue which is similar to what you are playing. To turn off auto play tap on the Infinite sign for an infinite loop of the song.

To add your music you have to choose the queue, swipe left on the song, or any playlist or albums, etc. Tap on it and then tap Play Next or Play Last. The music that you choose to play last is added to the end of your queue.

Shuffle or Repeat Music

  • Shuffle your favourite music albums, artist, or music that appear on your screen. Tap on the Album, artist, or playlist, then tap on the Suffle Icon.
  • Shuffle or Repeat Music from your Screen. While you were viewing your playback screen, tap on the Three dotted line and tap on the shuffle or repeat icon.

In order to repeat that song, tap twice on the repeat button to repeat your song.

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