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How to Join in Metaverse?

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To join in the Metaverse, you need to enter the Virtual World. Decentraland is one of the most Popular Metaverse Platforms all over the world. To get participate in the  Metaverse from different types of platforms like Sandbox. You only need is to have your own Crypto Wallet and a Windows PC. 

But if you wanted a full experience of Metaverse, a laptop might not be enough. As to play in the virtual world you need a laptop or computer which is capable to handle Metaverse games like Fortnite and Animal Crossing. Because their processors are two powerful and it would be so difficult to handle the entire universe with millions of users. That’s why Facebook creates a metaverse vision and includes their users with Oculus VR Headsets, or Augmented Reality Glasses. 

As one of the most popular Metverse Virtual World is Decentraland. So in this article, We will discuss how to join in the virtual world that is Decentraland. Before we know how to join in Decentraland, you have to know about what is Decentraland.

What is Decentraland

how to join metaverse

Decentraland is a Virtual World in which you can buy land and make your virtual real estate. It was launched in 2017 created by the Argentinians Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordino. Its main development was sated in 2015. The main motto of the Decentraland in the metaverse is role-playing in the Metaverse. After the development is complete it will become the fastest-growing Virtual World in Metaverse. In the Decentraland you have the right or freedom to create the best scenes or any application that you wanted to add. Not only this, you can explore the whole virtual world and explore other users and the best way to trade with other users. And you can buy or sell your Virtual Property with huge benefits and earn lots of profits. 

To join in Decentraland

To join in the Decentraland Virtual World, you can follow these steps:

Create an Avatar

The first thing that you need to do before stepping into the metaverse is to create your Avatar. As when you open the Avatar option, the panel was loaded with many options to customize your Avatar hair and eye color, clothing, and even Avatar’s Accessories. 

Customize your Avatar with your own creativity. And tap on the Done option. Your Avatar is registered with your account. From this Avatar, you can explore the Virtual World. If you wanted to change its accessories you can definitely change it from the Menu. 

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Start Exploring

After creating your Avatar, you can explore the whole Virtual World. So I will tell you about my first experience in the Virtual World. After spending lots of time in the Decentraland, I feel like the best place to visit. Finally, I was dropped into the Genesis Plaza, which is known for the starting point of Decentraland. This Genesis Plaza is definitely the crowded area of the Decentraland Platform. After the spawn, you can see their surroundings and when your avatar got close to anyone, you could hear the voice of the other User. 

After spending 10 minutes in the Spawn Area, I tried to get figure out how to make my avatar walk. So I decided to take the help from the map to teleport into my next locations. Now I decide to go into my next locations. The screen was panned out to the grid, where I was able to see and visit places which is created by Metaverse Users. 

So, for this teleportation, my screen was intrigued by a space cheerily titled “We Are Polkadot!” After teleportation, I found myself in an empty room alone. 

After that, I gave the map another try. This time I look for a trip to The Crypto Valey. Where I wanted to see a white room decorated with a hexagonal Blockchain Design. 

So If you find these problems you can surely do the same thing that I did. 

Playing Games

If you are a gamer, and you love to play games in Metaverse. You can visit Wonder Mine Crafting Game. The main premise of the game is that meteors strike into the ground. To play these games you can mine them to get minerals and money. I mined some of the copper minerals and made 3 Wonder Coin.

Making Friends in Decentraland

While playing Wonder Mine Crafting Game, I had an opportunity to chat with our teammate’s fellow Avatars. In the Metaverse, you can do anything. 

In the chat section, I asked people “ What do you guys like about the Metaverse especially Decentraland?”

In the reply by someone that “Metaverse offers freedom and anything we can do in the Virtual World. I am So excited about it all. And I was waiting for the time when its graphics is more realistic than our actual world.”

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