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How To Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch?

How To Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch?

If you are running out of storage on your Apple Watch, and getting rid of apps and the Content in your Apple Watch that you don’t need to require anymore. So here is the guide to free up the space from your Apple Watch.

Unfortunately like your iPhone, or iPad, Apple Watch doesn’t have lots of space for apps, music, podcasts, and any other long content that you want to store on it. If talk about the Apple Watch Ultra series like the 8,7,6,5 and even the SE offer only 32GB of Space, but actually, you get only 16GB on the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3 GPS + Cellular models and just 8GB in the Series 3 GPS Model.

It all depends on your Watch Series and how much content you wanted to download or sync, you could easily run into the low space before you know it. But it’s only when your Watch can clue in on and shows how much space you have available in your Apple Watch. It only can show how much space that is used by the apps and content, so you know what to jettison when you are running close to empty.

Check Out the Storage Space

If you wanted to check out the Available storage space on your watch from the watch app on your phone. Open My Watch > General > About in the App. Wait for a few seconds so that the app data will display on your screen. And gives you data about the total number of songs, photos, and any external application that is available on your device. So this displayed data will show you the total capacity and the available amount of space in your Apple Watch.

Check your available storage space and capacity directly on your Watch App from your Phone, or Tablet. You just need to go to Settings > General > Storage. The storage section displays all of your Apple Watch data with the amount of available space and the about of data used. Swipe down into the screen and see how much of your space is taken by each of the installed apps and other types of content like Music, Podcasts, and even Photos.

Remove Apps

In the above paragraph, you get the idea of which app is taking up lots of Storage space in your Apple Watch. Now we will see which content is taking lots of space, so you can remove items from your watch. First, look at all the deleting apps with the help of the Watch App on your phone. Open the app and swipe down the My Watch Screen. And scroll down until you see the option of Installed On Apple Watch section.

Now tap on the Name of your app that you clearly wanted to remove from your Apple Watch, after that the selected app will be deleted from the watch. Return to your previous screen and you will see that the App appears in the available Apps Section, where you can always reinstall the app. By just tapping on the Install Button.

If you really wanted to remove that app directly from the watch. So you need to press the Digital Crown to see your Home Screen along with your all Apps. If you have a Home Screen with a Grid View, lightly press down on the icon until they all start to shake. Now tap on the X  button on the app that you wish to remove. Now tap on the Delete App. After the app is getting deleted, press on the Digital Crown to stop the icons from shaking.

If the Home Screen is in a List view, Swipe it down through the list until you see the app you wish to delete. Swipe the app that you wanted to delete to the left and tap on the trash icon. After that Delete the App entry to confirm that is removed from your device.

Remove Music

If you wanted to delete any saved music or library from your Apple Watch. Do this by opening the Watch App on your iPhone. Swipe it down by the My Watch Section, after that tap on the Music Entry.

The option will appear for the Recent Music that adds on the songs you have recently played. If this option is enabled, you will see how much space is freed up. Turn it off and remove all the recent albums. After that, the next step is to tap on the Edit link which is on the Upper right of your screen. So, tap on the Delete icon which is next to any playlists or albums that you wanted to remove. Then Tap on the Delete Button.

If you wanted to delete Music Albums directly from the Apple Watch, Open your Apple Music App on your Watch. Swipe it down on each of the album’s thumbnails until you see the entries for On iPhone and see the Library. Tap on the library and select the Albums and swipe down the screen until you see an album that you wanted to remove.

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How To Free Up Space On Your Apple Watch?

Narinder Sharma