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How to Clean VR Headset?

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In this article, I have explained: “How to Clean VR Headset”.

Virtual reality headsets are getting popular nowadays. Virtual reality headset or VR headsets allow users to experience immersive experiences and games. However, these VR comes at a very high cost. Virtual reality headsets are so expensive. Besides occasional nausea, these virtual reality headsets get damaged through sweat, hair, and dust that got trapped in these virtual reality headsets during their usage. 

Now, let’s begin with how to clean your VR headset thoroughly. It is extremely important to keep the virtual reality VR headset clean and sanitary. High-quality VR headsets are available in the market at very expensive rates. So, it’s worth looking after these headsets because it increases longevity too. A high-quality lens is one of the most expensive components of virtual reality headsets. So, most people find it difficult to properly clean the VR setup. 

Thus, here’s the complete breakdown of how to clean a VR headset properly, along with tips and equipment and proper techniques needed to clean VR lenses safely tool.

Why is Cleaning Your Virtual reality (VR) headset important?

How to Clean VR Headset?

With the close contact with you more specifically your face, there are very high chance of germs and bacteria build-up. So, when you hand your shiny VR headset to your family, there are chances of germs and bacteria. 

According to the National Institute of Health, SARS-CoV-2 covid 29 viruses detectable on aerosols for up to three hours. So, when you share your VR headset, there are some chances that these harmful viruses could spread with a VR headset. Thus, you should have good knowledge of how to clean a VR headset is crucial these days. 

How to Clean VR Headsets and Controllers?

There are mainly three important techniques to clean your VR headsets and controllers. These techniques include the following methods:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Can of compressed air

Disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant wipes are one of the best techniques to clean your VR headsets and controllers. Usually, it is advised by experts to use alcohol-free products having antibacterial qualities. These disinfectant wipes can be combined with cleaning gels so that they can get into the cracks of your device’s outer shells. 

The disadvantage of using alcohol-free disinfectants is it is non-effective on viruses like coronaviruses like COVID-19. Hence, you are worried about COVID 19 like viruses, so you can choose the alcohol-based wipes. However, generally, avoid sprays and gels altogether.

So, let’s discuss how to clean VR headsets with disinfectant wipes. 

Firstly use the alcohol-free wipes around the headset and as well as paying close attention to the parts that come into contact with the face during usage. Most importantly ‘eye’ portion and ‘nose’ includes the parts, too. 

Now, next use the microfiber cloth technique to clean your VR headset and also ensures no smearing of the sensors. 

Additionally, we recommend focusing on the outer front of the headset, particularly the top and bottom of the outer shell. It is a place where you will more likely put your dirty hands on the headset to put it on or remove it. 

The one thing you should know is if your headset has a fabric head strap, so in this case, you still can use you can use your alcohol-free antibacterial wipes on it. It is advised that you’ll need to leave the fabric to dry out completely before using it again. 

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Use Microfiber cloth with circular motions 

Using microfiber for cleaning virtual reality headsets helps minimize the lens’s friction. The cleaning process of the VR headset doesn’t depend on the brand of the virtual headset whether you are looking to clean the Oculus lens or valve Index’s lenses. 

It is recommended to use circular motions rather than up and down strokes. Start with the center of the lends and then move gently working your way outwards. In case, if your headset lens has some dirt or marks, so it can be removed by using camera lens cleaning fluids. However, these fluids are a little bit costly. 

One thing to remember, if you don’t use VR headsets regularly consider a carry case or even an original box as a place to store it away from germs and bacteria. In particular, this method will keep it out of direct sunlight thereby ensuring the sensors and lenses last longer. 

Compressor air can Help you with Dust

Can of compressor air is an efficient way of removing dust stuck in difficult-to-reach areas. Thus, it can be used for preventing dirt and dust buildup. Before, directly using compressor air into a VR headset, you should avoid these things. Firstly, avoid using the can’t tip directly at the lends and spray in smaller amounts. Also, you should be very careful about where you blow.

How Often Should the VR headset’s lens be cleaned?

As you know, VR headsets are a sensitive piece of advanced technology that requires regular maintenance. Also, the cleaning process of VR headsets takes very little time. So, you can wipe them clean after each use to prevent germs and bacteria.

What Do You Need To Clean Your VR Lenses?

  • A microfibre cloth is the best method to clean Virtual reality Headset lenses.
  • Microfibre cloth is a synthetic fibre that can be used to clean VR lenses.
  • Microfibre cloth is affordable and can be used repeatedly.
  • Virtual reality headset lenses can easily pick up dirt and dust, thereby resulting in problems in VR experiences.
  • Different VR manufacturers offer a variety of cleaning kits including spray, wet wipes, and cloth. 


In essence, this post includes all the information regarding how to simply clean your virtual reality headset. 

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