Metaverse: How To Check NFT Ranking | Get to Know Your NFT Rank?

This article will explain in detail how to check NFT ranking. As a check, your NFT ranking seems to be so tricky, and you were wondering how to check your own NFT rank. So you have arrived in the right place. So in this article, we will solve your NFT ranking problem. 

Recently, The Doge Pound Team has revealed their rarity ranks tool, which is a very simple tool to use and will provide you with the rank of each of your NFT collections. It only displays the rank of your NFT in a very user-friendly interface on the website. But if you want to check your NFT on OpenSea or any other popular NFT marketplace, you can add Chrome extensions to check your NFT rank. 

Metaverse: How To Check NFT Ranking | Get to Know Your NFT Rank?

As OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT Marketplaces, is because in this marketplace there were wide sections of Digital Assets that can be used anywhere, just like the other Marketplaces do. But Reality Rakings helps you determine a reasonable selling or buying price for your NFTs Collections. 

To Check your NFT Ranking you all need to locate your NFT Token ID > Go to the Individual NFT Listing > type your Token ID Into the Box “Check your NFT” and click on “Check”. Whenever you did that your NFT Rank has been revealed. 

Let’s get into the dive of more details regarding the different ways to Check NFT Rank together. But Before We did that I have listed some Little Information regarding the Metaverse and the NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens). 

What is Metaverse?

In general, the metaverse is an immersive, hyperrealistic, and interactive virtual space that looks like Sensorium Galaxy. The best part of the metaverse is immersive which is created through highly advanced future technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

The technology looks like a Sensorium Galaxy that contains several virtual worlds within itself, therefore it allows users to have an engagement in a wide range of activities such as attending music concerts and dancing with the AI-driven virtual beings. 

For instance, a virtual music concert is a good example of the metaverse. In this type of event, users can virtually attend the concert in an immersive virtual space with the implementation of advanced metaverse technologies. 

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According to a recent survey of game developers in the United States, it was found that over nearly half of respondents settled on a definition including varied technologies such as augmented reality. 

In the meanwhile, the metaverse is a mixture of physical and digital promises to be more appealing rather than the current online infrastructure. 

What is NFT?

As NFT Stands for the Non-Fungible Tokens. These are pretty popular topics for the Tech Peoples. After all, these NFTs are related to contemporary World Security about all the ownerships of the world’s digital assets for individuals. The Metaverse has already been achieved in multiple fields to get access to all the Internet especially if you expected the super-fast world for travelling and exploring, but to make it costumes, some of the gadgets are accessible all over the globe. 

Non-Fungible Tokens are Virtual Assets that help you to survive the medium of Blockchain. Most NFTs Users say that the NFT is like a Cherry on the Cake, meaning NFT manages various functions virtually. Many Metaverse users often say that the Virtual World is taking the exact same version of the Natural World with the help of Blockchain and Digital AI Creation. So that is the main cause why Metaverse NFT Development Services are rapidly Increasing. 

As NFT is now trading to be Investment and to be cost-effective and easily accessible by someone, who literally knows how to use the internet. 

How To Check NFT Ranking?

To Check your NFT Ranking you all need to locate your NFT Token ID > Go to the Individual NFT Listing > type your Token ID Into the Box “Check your NFT” and click on “Check”. Whenever you did that your NFT Rank has been revealed. 

If you get any troubleshooting to see your NFT Rank in the Rarity Ranks, so I have listed some of the steps to how to check the NFT Rank:-

  1. The first step is you can locate your NFT Token ID again with the details of the section of an individual’s NFT that you have listed on the NFT Marketplace.
  2. Step 2 is to type the Token ID into the “Check your NFT” Field and Click on the Check Option.
  3. In Step 3 you will return to the Search. When you click on it, a detailed analysis of each of the trait’s rarity in your NFT Collection, the token’s given rarity score and its ranking will be revealed. 

How To Check NFT In Binance Marketplace?

Binance is the most trusted and popular platform used for trading cryptocurrencies. Essentially, Binance is available for different platforms such as PC, Android, and iOS devices. Moreover, Binance has a lot of amazing features that attract crypto enthusiasts. The main reason people choose this platform is because of the low withdrawal fee. 

Binance allows them to easily withdraw fiat to their bank accounts. Currently, you can withdraw in 14 different fiat currencies in several payments. 

To Check your NFT At Binance Marketplace, you need to follow these mentioned steps:-

  1. Firstly, you need to Login in to your Binance Account and click on the More button which you can locate in the Extreme Right Corner. 
  2. Secondly, you will see a New Page will appear on your Screen and you need to find the Tab Starting with the Common Functions. When you see it Swipe to the Left and Select For Trade. 
  3. Thirdly, now you have to Click on the Binance NFT. When you click on it the Home Page will appear.
  4. Fourthly, Now you can Click On the Marketplace. So here you can Check your NFT Ranks and Buy or Sell your NFT Collections. 
  5. Fifthly Locate your NFT Token ID with the detail section of your Individual NFT that listing in the Marketplace and type the NFT Token ID into the Option “Check Your NFT” field and click on “Check”. 
  6. Now when you click on the Check Button, your NFT Rank will be revealed and you will see the position. 

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How To Check Rank In OpenSea?

To find out the Rank of your NFT by Rarity Ranking. Most of the users go straight forwards to the Collection on the NFT Marketplace. And if you are an NFT Holder you know that OpenSea is a Marketplace for the Projects of Ethereum Blockchain. But unfortunately, they won’t be able to find their NFT Ranking form there. 

So to check your Rank in the OpenSea you need to download the Trait Sniper Chrome Extensions. The Trait Sniper is one of the best and the quickest way to check your Owned NFT Rank in the OpenSea Marketplace. With the help of the Trait Sniper tool, you can browse your OpenSea while you are viewing your NFT Rarity. To use this you can use the Website that helps you to check all the rarities as well, but you will need to leave OpenSea to do so. 

How To Use Trait Sniper To Check The NFT Rank?

If you wanted to use the Trait Sniper tool to check your NFT Collection Rank, so you are using the right tool. As Trait Sniper is one of the quickest tools to check your NFT. 

  1. First, you need to download the Trait Sniper Chrome Extension for Chrome to use the tool. Open the Extension Store. Then Search for the Trait Sniper and open it. 
  2. Second, you need to click on “Add To Chome” and Add Extension on your Chrome.
  3. If you dont want to allow the Trait Sniper to go on every website that you open in your chrome. So you need to modify some of the settings by going to the “Manage Extensions” and changing them to your specific sites. 
  4. Now you all need to open your OpenSea Site and check your NFT rank. The Trait Sniper will read your all details regarding the NFTs and show you useful data like the Ranks and the Stats. 

How To Check NFT Rank With the will help the investors to make a good decision by offering a piece of timely and accurate information about the NFT’s Collections. If you are an investor so these tools will help you to get the right data even faster. With the help of this tool, you can view all the NFT Ranks right on the Collection page or item profile. And there is no need to open another tab or look for the NFT Ranks on the other Websites. Simply you need to download a plugin.

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How To Check NFT Rank With Rarity.Tools

As the Rarity. tools simply the Process of checkout the NFT Rank by ranking each of the digital assets by rarity. It gives you the whole details that how rare your digital assets of the entire collection are. So in the mentioned steps, I have shown you how exactly you can use this to check the NFT Rank:-

  1. Open the Rarity. Tools website and click on “All Collections” which is on the Main Menu. 
  2. Now Search for the Project in the toolbar option and click on the 0N1 Force.
  3. Whenever you click on the 0N1 Force, you will be taken to the page which displays the rank of every single asset that ranked in the rarity. 
  4. If you own digital assets, now take your NFT Token ID Number from your Marketplace and paste it into the “ID”. Which is on the Project tab on the left side of the page. 
  5. Now lastly Look up to the button and this option will provide you a numerical NFT ranking along with its rarity traits. 

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