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How to Change the Background Faces On Your Apple Watch?

How to Change the Background Faces On Your Apple Watch?

If you wanted to change the Background on your Apple Watch. So in this guide, we will show you how to change your Apple Watch using your own photos. ‘

Personalizing Your Apple Watch Background

If you are looking for something that will be seen a little differently on your Apple Watch face. So you can change your watch face to an Apple Pre-designed selection. So, If you are looking for something that personalizes your Apple Watch Background that reflects your style. 

There are lots of straightforward ways to use your owned clicked photos or simple gallery photos to replace the background on your Apple Watch. And reflect the style that you wanted to see on your Apple Watch. To do that you all need to open your Photos app and the photos that you wanted to add to your Apple Watch. Just select the picture and put it on your favourite pictures, so they will show your Photos on your Apple Watch. 

  • First Open your Photos App on your iPhone. 
  • Second, tab on your Photo that you wanted to add to your Favorites. 
  • Tap on the photos on the photo page to favourite them. And you can repeat this with many more pictures by using the same method. 

How to Set Up an Apple Watch Faces

Once you selected your Photos and move it into your favourites. The photo will share with your Apple Watch, then you can use the Watch App on your iPhone to set up what kind of images you wanted to display. 

  • Open your Watch App on your iPhone. 
  • Then tap on the Face gallery which is on the bottom of your screen. 
  • Now, Scroll down and tap on the Photos. In these Photos, the watch face will be displayed in your selected images. If you added one Image, the photos will be displayed in a cycle each time when you raise your Watch Face. 
  • Now On Your Photo Screen, Scroll down to the Content and make sure that the Album is selected so that the photos will be displayed. 
  • Scroll for little further down to the pages and select whether you want the time to appear at the Top or Bottom under the specific Time Position. 
  • After that, Choose the Complications that you would like to be seen in your Display Above Time or in Below Time.
  • When you finished your personalization. Tap on the Add and Watch the face will be added it will automatically be synced with your Apple Watch. 

How to Change Your Apple Watch Background

Once you know how you can create a new background for your Apple Watch. So you can create as many photo galleries or even individual backgrounds as you wanted. Then, all this personalization will help you to see an optimized look. 

  • Just Lift your Apple Watch to display the face. 
  • Hard press the Face to open the Watch Face Gallary. 
  • Now scroll down through the gallery and find the face that you wanted to use. When you do, Tap on the Activate Option to activate it. Repeat the process as much as your want to try. 
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How to Change the Background Faces On Your Apple Watch?

Narinder Sharma