How to Buy Metaverse Index(MVI)?

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are widespread across the world. Binance is a good platform for trading cryptocurrency these days. So, if you are looking to withdraw fiat to your bank account, Binance is a good platform. 

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide on “how to Buy Metaverse Index (MVI) from Binance” 

Binance is the most trusted and popular platform used for trading cryptocurrencies. Essentially, Binance is available for different platforms such as PC, Android, and iOS devices. Moreover, Binance has a lot of amazing features that attract crypto enthusiasts. People choose this platform mainly because of the low withdrawal fee. 

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide on “how to Buy Metaverse Index (MVI) from Binance” 

Binance allows them to withdraw fiat to their bank accounts easily. Currently, you can purchase or withdraw in 14 different fiat currencies in several payments. 

How To Buy Metaverse Index (MVI)?

The Best way to Purchase the Metaverse Index is from Binance’s Most trusted Metamask Wallet. So to purchase the Metaverse Index you need to log in or create a new account in Binance. 

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How to create a Binance Account

First, to create a new Account in Binance, you need to go to the official Website of Binance. In the past few years that there were several reports registered that they have entered into the fake Binance Website. So before you fill out your account and other details, you will be on the lookout for the Secure certificate that will pop up in your address bar and acts as confirmation of the Site is purely genuine. Second, You must be extra careful or safe while you are trading in the Binance Platform, and please ensure your bookmarked URL is genuine so you are not getting lost in the searches. 

Fill in your Trading Details At Binance

To buy through Binance you need to fill out your all details by going to the “register” tab, you will find out the option in the right-hand corner of the website page. You need to fill in your Mobile Number or you can choose your Private Email Address for getting updates. For the Email Address, it is necessary to use your main and that email that only your can use and access. Because Email needs to be most secure because it will help you to sign in again to the Binance Account. 

After Entering your Email Address or Mobile Number, you also need to choose a strong password for your login credentials. As in the Strong password, you need to comprise a mix of numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters. After that, you will receive a 6-digit code of verification via the email that you provided to create an account, fill in the verification code, and complete your registration process. 

Allow 2-Factor-Authentication

As this 2-Factor-Authentication option is an optional option. But if you wanted that your account is safer and more secure, so you need to allow two-factor authentication after your first login. As this two-factor authentication will help you to secure your account from the hacking attempt. Each time you log in to your account, you will receive a unique code on your registered email or mobile number. So once you type your email and password, you will get a unique code, you can use this code and login into your account. 

Download MetaMask Wallet

As if you were using Binance, you need a virtual wallet to store your virtual currency. As MetaMask is a Crypto wallet that helps you to store virtual currency here. If you are using a Desktop computer, so you can download Metamask from the Google Chrome Extensions. Or if you are using Mobile Phones, especially Android SMartphones you can download them from the Google Play Store. Or if you are an iOS user, So the MetaMask is not available right now. But before filling out your all details, make sure that the MetaMask is downloaded from the official Chrome Extension and Mobile App by visiting from MetaMask’s Website. 

Setup Your MetaMask Account

If you want to purchase the Metaverse Index, you need to Register the MetaMask and Set up your Crypto Wallet from the Google Chrome extension or the Mobile App from Playstore. 

  1. You may refer your Wallet to the Wallet Support Page for references. Make sure that your seed phrase is safe and take note of your wallet address. 
  2. You can check your seed by clicking on the Phrase Option. After clicking, you will see a12 words of Seed Phrase. These 12 Seed of Phrases will help you to locate your wallet. You need to save your phrase in a safe place and Click on the “I’ve Copied it Somewhere Safe”.

Congratulations you have successfully created your MetaMask Account and your wallet is fully Set up. 

Buy Ethereum As Your Base Currency

Once your MetaMask Wallet is Fully set up, now you can log in to your Binance account and Process to Buy or Sell your First Crypto Webpage to buy your First Ethereum Base Currency. If you are not an existing user at Binance, you can refer to How To Buy Ethereum. 

Send Ethereum From Binance to Your Crypto Wallet

Once you buy Ethereum from Binance, you can go to the Binance Wallet Section and look at the Ethereum that you recently purchased. Now Click on the Withdraw option and fill up the required information that you need to transfer. Set up your network to the Ethereum, and provide your wallet address and the amount that you want to transfer into your MetaMask Wallet. Now Click on the Withdraw Button and wait for the Ethereum to transfer to your Metamask Wallet. 

Choose A Decentrailized Exchanges(DEX)

As there were several DEXs to choose from the Binance. As you have to make sure that the MetaMask Wallet that you selected in the Setup Your Meatmask Point is supported by the Exchanges. 

For Example:- If you use your MetaMask Wallet, so you can go to 1-inch to make the transaction. 

Connect your Metamask Wallet

Now Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to the DEXs that you want to use by using your Wallet Address Phrase. The Address is 12 Word Phrase that you note separately. 

Trade Your Ethereum With the Coin

Now Select your Ethereum as a Payment and Select your Metaverse Index as the COin that you wanted to acquire. 

If Metavesre Index Doesn’t Appear, Find Its Smart Contract

If the Coin that you wanted to doesn’t appear in the DE, so you can refer to and find your smart contract address. If you find it so you can copy and paste it into the 1-inch. But Beware of the scams and make sure you got the official contract address. 

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