Time for a Tune-Up: 5 Easy Ways to Fix Your Apple Watch

5 Ways to Fix Your Apple Watch Are Not Connecting Issue

This guide helps you to understand how to fix your Apple Watch using 5 simple methods.

When your Apple Watch is not paired with your iPhone, there are lots of features that you cannot use. 

And that is true that you can still record your workout and check the time, but you cannot get any notifications, messages, calls, or anything feature that is connected to your Apple iPhone. 

Repair Your Apple Watch

Most of the time Apple Watch Pairing issue can be fixed in just a matter of a minute. So here are the steps that you can take to connect your Watch to your Apple iPhone and fix the issue of won’t pairing with your iPhone Anymore. 

5 Easy Ways to Repair Your Apple Watch

1. Move your iPhone closer to your Apple Watch

There’s a lot of chance your phone is simply too far away from your Apple Watch, or your iPhone is in your bag or even in the drawer that is blocking your signal. 

Because the watch and your iPhone pair with the help of Bluetooth. To get them connected together you have to keep your Watch and iPhone Closer and see if that alleviates the issue. 

2. Check the Settings on Both Devices

If your iPhone has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned off-or if either of your Devices is in Airplane Mode. They won’t be able to pair. To connect them make sure that your all settings are set properly to facilitate the connections. 

On the iPhone, you can quickly check from the Control Center. Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen and ensure that your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on and the Airplane mode is off. 

On the Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open your control center. 

3. Turn your Devices Off and On Again

There is no doubt that you have heard that there is a tech troubleshooting tip before, but it is a  popular one for a reason. 

To turn off your iPhone, hold down the side lock button and volume up button until the Slide to Power Off toggle appears. Slide the power button to turn the phone off. Now hold the side button until the Apple Logo Appears on your screen to turn the phone back on. 

You can Shut your Apple Watch b Holding down the side button and then swiping the power off slider. Now Press and hold the side button to turn the watch back on. 

4. Reset your Apple Watch

If you have followed all the previous methods and you are still facing the same issues. It is time to reset your Watch. This will fix your issue and resolve the pairing issues, but it wiped out all of your Saved data from your Watch. So you better back up first before you do that. 

In the Watch Setting App, choose General, then Reset, then Erase all Content and Settings. 

5. Unpair Your iPhone and Apple Watch, then Pair them Again

In the Watch App on your iPhone, tap on All Watches,  the information button next to your Apple Watch, and then unpair Apple Watch. 

Now Everything that should be just like a new one. And you will be able to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. 

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