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5 Most Essential Security Checks to Keep on your Android Phone Safe

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5 Most Essential Security Checks to Keep on your Android Phone Safe

You are wanted to get your Android Smartphone safe. So do quick Checks on your Android Smartphone to make sure your Phone’s privacy and security would never compromised.

If you are worrying about Mobile malware on your phone, it makes sense to install the best antivirus app on the Android Smartphone. There were lots of best antivirus is available in PlayStore. You will get both free or premium Antivirus apps with great service. And they don’t require too many configurations. Or you can use Google Own’s Play Protected feature in your android device to keep your Android Smartphone Safe. 

Sadly part of the Android is that the rise of Android Malware infections is suggested that neither option is completely reliable for this. Now in this article, I am explaining to you the security checks. In which you should make to get ensure that your Android Smartphone is properly protected or not?

5 Most Essential Security Checks to Keep on your Android Phone Safe

Test your Smartphone’s Anti-Malware protection

One of the most important features of an Android Smartphone is its Security app. It can detect and quarantine potential threats before the malware can do any damage to your Android Smartphone. 

5 Most Essential Security Checks to Keep on your Android Phone Safe

From this Security app, you can test your Phone Protection with no paid tools. And you can use these free tools F-Secure AV test. In f-Secure AV test uses an Anti-Malware test file.  It is developed by EICAR(the European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research) to calculate how well your Security app is working in your Android Smartphone. This EICAR file is designed as a virus file, but don’t worry it is completely harmless for your Android Smartphone. It is approved by Google to test your Malware protection system in your Android Smartphone. 

Install it original version of the app from Google PlayStore and try to open the F-Secure AV-Test app. If your Security App offers real-time protection, then it should be instantly springing into real action and it can block AV test files. If your security is not working and run a scan manually and the fake malicious code or file should be detected. 

If you don’t see any type of malicious warning from your Security app or by the Google Play Protected. This means it has failed to spot the potential threat in your Android Smartphone. At this moment you should be considering switching to get more effective protection from antivirus. 

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Check and Scan your Phone’s Settings

Turning into unsafe Android Features or Turning off your safe ones could be compromised your phone security and your privacy in different ways that you couldn’t be realized. 

But you can identify and fix these vulnerabilities by installing a free app from the PlayStore called SAFE Me. Which is developed by the Cybersecurity company which is Lucideus. To promote an awareness program that is to save Android users from online threats. This app scans your device to give a more confidential score which is based on your current Mobile Phone setting. 

For a little breakdown of its finding, tap on the centre icon in the row of the option on the bottom of the app Screen.

On the Device Tab, you will get the SAFE Me app places a green tick mark to clear the options that you have enabled or disabled these securities correctly to get the optimum Security. For Example, if you should have Device Encryption and Screen Lock are turned on, but your Locations services or Show Password is turned off. 

Similarly in your connection tab, you will get the red crosses if you haven’t used USB Debugging, Bluetooth,  or NFC switched on. As tapping on the entry provides more information about that the risks and lets you open your security system set to fix these vulnerabilities. 

But before starting you will need to sign up and verify your email address before using the SAFE Me app. However, you can allow SAFE ME to check out if your details have been exposed on the dark web. 

In the SAFE Me app, you will get 100 free courses on this topic like Password Usage, Call Scams, SIM hijacking, and many more. Each video can contain a video lesson, with a following short quiz which can help you to improve your Android Smartphone Security knowledge. 

Ensuring your App Permission is Secured

In all Android Phones, Android offers a built-in permission manager which helps you to prevent unauthorized apps from accessing your data. You can find these permission manager features in Android 6 and later in Settings > Apps and Notification > Advanced > Permission Manager in some phones you will get App permission. 

This app uses a simple table in the phone to highlight which permission have you granted to each app on your Smartphone. These included: Record Audio, Read Contacts, Camera, Send an SMS, Record Audio, and accessing fine locations. On the table tap on the app name to open its permission settings to enable or disable any permission or uninstall the app. 

Alternatively, you can make a list of permission information by an app. Or App permission dashboard can also let you export all the data as a spreadsheet on your phone to keep a permanent record of your permissions. 

For Security Flaws Scan your android Apps

If you are using the most trusted app and it may lead to data leaked or could be stolen by anyone. There is one way to find and fix flaws on your Android apps is by using Jumbo. 

This tool Scans popular apps and their services including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, and Twitter for privacy and security problem. It is also available for both the android and iOS platforms. 

When you are installing Jumbo, then the app asked your Email address to determine whenever your data is compromised with any data breaches. So, it will tell you all the effective services, so that you can change your password immediately for security. 

After getting your answers to a few quotations about security and privacy knowledge. You can pay a monthly subscription to ask more premium questions. 

As we are recommending choosing a free plan in the initial, to get ensure that the app is right for you or not? After ensuring from the Jumbo ap you can get the subscription of 42.99 per month for a Jumbo Plus or you can get $8.99 for a Jumbo pro. In which you will get extra protection with more apps and unlock advanced features like an in-app tracking blocker. 

Jumbo will check your accounts, and recommend the changes you need to make, and ask you to apply them. 

Check What’s Running in your Mobile Background

Hidden processes could be done and run in the background on your Android Smartphone. Which are the main concerns because they can consume RAM or can consume Battery also. But it has been seen with the notorious Joker Malware.  This malware can also threaten your Android device security and even cost you some money.

Dozens of task manager apps that let you view and Stop background processes in which your security app can miss. But in my opinion, the best one is built into Android.

To use these features you will need to enable Developer Options

  1. Open your Settings > About Phone and tap on the Build number seven times. You will see the message from the system that the developer option has been enabled. 
  2. Now go to the System > Advanced > Developer option.
  3. Tap on the Running Services or Processes to find out what’s running in the background. 
  4. Select the app that looks suspicious and tap stop to terminate all the services that they perform in the background. 

Some of the unwanted processes will keep restarting automatically. If this happens, you can decide whether you want to uninstall that suspicious app. 

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