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9 Ways to Improve WiFi Speed

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Is your WiFi speed or internet connection too slow? These simple router tricks could make your Wi-Fi speed much better. 

A good router can make a massive difference in the speed of the internet connection. If you did not have enough money to purchase a good router. And if you want to know how to optimize the router speed settings to get the best router configuration for fast internet. So in this article, we will discuss how to increase router speed. 

So our first step is:

Automate your Router Reboot Schedule

Most of the popular WiFi routers don’t need reboots regularly. But if you are running dead WiFi internet, you will need to reboot your WiFi router. It will take time to get your backup and provide a fast Internet connection. 

9 Ways to Improve WiFi Speed

However, if you find yourself rebooting the router on a regular basis, the DD-WRT and Tomato Firmware option can help you to time boot options. And set it to reboot once a day while you are sleeping. Or you will never notice the downtime when the router gets power off and starts back up. 

Make your Fast WiFi Router with a New Antenna

The easiest way to fast your internet is to purchase a new Antenna for a WiFi router. 

The antenna on the WiFi router is the most effective way. An Amplified Aftermarket Antenna is a simple or easiest way to improve internet signal quality without the need for a new device. Amplified Aftermarket and Powered are starting around $15 and it will go in the maximum range of $100. 

Services in this range can be a bit more expensive, but it acts like a powered antenna or a wireless repeater in one. This can provide a significant improvement in homes in which the internet signal is very low. 

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Disable older Wireless Protocols

If you are asking How can I do Optimize the setting of speed? The first thing that you can consider is to turn off all the old wireless protocols. 

The newer WiFi router which is based on the 802.11ac protocols offers the capabilities of exceeding many ISP’s services. The WiFi router may be fast in many of the devices but probably they were using older protocols. Like 802.11g in which they show the entire network down if many devices are connected. Probably these are the devices that can slow your network which has b or g protocols. You should remove all these devices which use b or g protocols. 

The fastest protocols that run fast internet to be faster and slower are ac > n > g > b. 

Change your Channel Width

What about the best router settings which improve your local WiFi speed? Like how you can make your video stream between your devices so quickly and smoothly?

However, the best WiFi router configurations for a local speed network change channel width. The wider the width interfaces which run on older devices on older protocols will suffer from these inferences. Which may slow your local network. 

Keep your router updated.

It is one of the simple ways to maximize your router speed. And you should ensure that your WiFi router is always running the latest software and latest firmware. 

The updated router software and latest firmware can normally provide security fixes, but they can’t make your WiFi router suddenly speed up. 

Experiment with your WiFi router Location

Most of the WiFi speed is not slow because of the Best router settings. The router also provides slow internet because you were placing your WiFi router in the wrong place. You need to consider your WiFi router in the right place where you will get the same signals in all the rooms. 

It provides slow internet because the router competes with every 5GHz or 2.4GHz device. And the building materials of your apartment might slow down wireless signals. This is because of the solid concrete walls which make WiFi router signals hard to pass through them. 

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Optimize your WiFi Router channel settings

Now take a look at how to optimize your WiFi router settings.

Have you ever considered changing your WiFi router channel? Multiple free tools will scan your local airwaves for the channel with the least interference. And these free tools suggest which channel you should be switching to. 

If you are changing the channel you need to change the channel from the WiFi router settings. 

Now switch the WiFi router to the Different Band

Now in the modern era, all typical homes are full of wireless devices. Unfortunately, dual-band or triple-band routers have the capability of separating the signals at maximum speeds. 

In simple terms, you are opening another lane of network traffic. For example, while you are traveling on a single-lane road full of traffic. But if you get two or three lanes the traffic is separated and you will reach your location at the maximum speed. 

Change your network name or password

A lot of people can use the default username or simple password like 1234 on their router. Even most of the WiFi password hacking apps are available in the PlayStore and it is very effective to break or bypass password. Even intermediate hackers are also capable of hacking secure networks with default or simple passwords. In these users can burden your WiFi router can separate your signal. 

Always use a strong Wi-Fi password. While you can do a great job by splitting your devices into different bands or updating your firmware, and switching router channels during the heavy load or traffic period. 

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