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3D VR Movies List 2022

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In this article, I have listed all the best VR movies you must watch in 2023.  

The introduction of VR devices in the marketplace and new video formats came into existence. 3D videos are most popular in such video formats. These videos provide the best immersive experiences on VR devices. For example, VR movies are becoming more mainstream as most Hollywood directors are releasing movies in 3D movie format.

Well, if you are here for a reason to find the best 3D VR movies, here are the top 10 most popular VR movies that you should binge now. 

Before starting, you should have a good knowledge of three-dimensional video ( or simply say, 3D videos). 

Three-dimensional video ( or simply say, 3D video) is a concept used for the reproduction of images in a movement with the three dimension sensation or to recreate a dynamic scene visualization excluding the one the movie has filmed. Most upcoming movies are shooted in 3D format. In addition to it, there are some 3D videos available on the youtube platform based on virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality is an immersive computer-generated environment that includes scenes, and objects appearing realistic, therefore making the user fully immersed in these scenes. The term virtual reality was first introduced in the mid-1980s by the founder of VPL Research Jaron Lanier. 

What is the purpose of 3D movies? 

3D VR Movies List 2022

The main purpose of 3D movies is to produce movies that look more realistic. Earlier movies were made using 2D technology that wasn’t more realistic compared to 3D movies.  These movies are harder to create. 

Before starting to binge all movies, you should consider that all 3D movies don’t worth your precious time. Time is precious, spend wisely! So, here is the list of the top 10 VR movies that are worth your time. 

We will be discussing the top 3D VR movies that you can watch on youtube for free. Later, we will discuss all the top 3D VR movies that you can watch on your VR headset. We have provided all the top 10 3D VR movies that you must watch in 2022. So, without wasting your time, let’s proceed. 

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Best 3D VR Movies Available On Youtube 

If you have a VR headset, then you can start your new experience with these top 10 VR movies. Here are our top picks.

Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience

Save Every Breath is our top pick because of the reason the movie is based on World War 2 and depicts three amazing stories from land, sea, and air. The latest Christopher Nolan hit movie Dunkirk is an excellent movie. With VR experiences, the movie will take you on a ride to both the adventures and sufferings of World War 2 happening all around you. On the whole, the screenplay is highly immersive and thus gripped throughout the end of the movie. 

The Conjuring 2 – Enfield 360 Experience

If talking about the best VR movies, we can’t rule out The Conjuring. That’s impossible. 

When the time comes to naming the best horror movies made in history, The Conjuring will most certainly top the list. The movie was a super hit among the fans, thereafter a VR version was released to further hype the popularity of the movie. 

With the VR experience, you will get in to enter the Hodgson’s house by yourself, therefore, experience all the horrifying scenes such as living like you are with them. Also, it allows you to experience the Enfield Haunting in 360. 

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis story is set in North America. The story revolves around which war that has been called upon the country, causing families to leave their homes forcefully. The key takeaways of the movie are Violence, emotions, and war, and are best experienced through a first-person perspective. With a 360 VR experience, you will be able to empathise with their critical situation even better. You can, therefore, feel the danger, war, and drama around you. 

The Invisible Man 

The Invisible man is a good 3D movie in which you will find more story dominance. As the name suggests, ‘The Invisible Man includes a lot of scary and spooky scenes detailed and revealed by the end of the story. The story revolves around two drug traffickers who hide a stash of high-grade drugs. In the entire movie, they struggle to get away from a dealer to whom they owe a debt. The dealer makes an effort to settle the deal with Russian Roukette finally. Therefore, the movie is worth watching through your VR glasses. 

Ashes To Ashes

Ashes To Ashes is a good movie worth watching through your VR glasses because of its gripping storyline. It is a story about a dysfunctional family that is struggling to get through the death of the grandfather who had his list wish to blow his ashes. 

The film represents the perspective of the urn, and it would be worth watching through virtual reality. The story is based on real-life experiences that happen around you. 

The movie is highly recommended to must watch if you want to experience the in-depth experience of virtual reality. In addition to it, the movie won many acclamations from its evolutionary filming. 

It: Float 

It: Float is another good movie recommended to watch through your VR headset. The movie is best for those individuals who have a special love for horror flicks. Well, we all know the movie is the biggest horror movie ever made in human history. 

The movie has a modern depiction of Stephen King’s novel. The reason why the VR version of the movie is released is that the movie is successful worldwide and fans loved it every bit. 

With the implementation of VR technology, you will get every tiny and horrifying detail at every turn. 

The movie is highly recommended for those individuals who are big fans of horror movies and more especially the It: Float franchise. 

The Martian 

The Martian is an iconic movie that had changed our perspective on the planet. Without the implementation of VR experience in the movie, people have made The Martian a super hit. The immersive VR experience, however, will take it to the next level. 

The Martin VR experience is from astronaut Mark Watney’s perspective, therefore you will be taking an adventurous ride, performing all the tasks, and tackling all the issues. Through a VR headset, you would have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can get at any time. Struggle, survival and floating in space is the main theme of the movie. 

The Hunger Games 

The Hunger Games is an iconic thriller movie based on the novel. The Hunger Games starred Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. It has been a hit movie based on the game of life and survival. The 360 VR experience, allows you to experience the harsh life of Katniss (the protagonist). Through the movie, you will be learning all the survival skills and fight the final battle with more ease. 

The story revolves around Katniss’s struggle to survive. If you watched The Hunger Games and loved it, you would not miss the VR experience at any worth. 

Wild – The Experience

Wild – The Experience is the most anticipated movie that premiered at Sundance Film Festival. The movie is a three-minute long 360 virtual reality experience that places you as a viewer along with Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon and academy nominee Laura Dern’s characters from WILD. It is the transformative journey of bestselling author Cheryl Strayed that takes you through the lonely and wild paths of the forest. 

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series 

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR series is the last movie on our list of best 3D VR movies. 

The movie is a part of the Star Wars series that has been turned into a VR series. The series comprises three different series combined to create a cinematic and interactive VR experience. With 360 VR experience, you can explore the world of Darth Vader by taking his place. Make sure to binge all three series in a virtual reality headset to get the most out of this amazing piece. 

Vader Immortal was released in 2019 and has been a big hit among Star Wars fans. 

Wrapping Up

Here, we have consolidated the list of the best VR movies you must watch through a VR reality device. Initially, you should start by watching 3D videos on YouTube if you are unsure of the movies. Later on, you can watch the movies once you like the experience. 

Keep exploring our website to know more about Metaverse, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Watch 3D Movies With VR?

Yes, there are many apps available that you can use to watch movies on a VR headset: Netflix VR, Hulu VR, and Bigscreen Beta. 

Q2. Does Netflix Have VR Movies?

Although Netflix doesn’t offer original VR movies, you can binge all of its standard programs on Netflix VR.

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